By Katrina Liu

One of the best things about being a student at Boston University is the delicious restaurants around us on campus and in the City of Boston. However, that is also one of our greatest downfalls. As we keep going to the Korean restaurants in Allston or purchasing coffee and bagels from Pavement, we only notice our wallets are shrinking after checking our bank accounts and wondering where all the money added up.

I’m here to give a few tips on how to enjoy the cuisine Boston has to offer, while also not feeling your heart drop after seeing the $19.66 on your bank account balance.



Do it yourself during the week.


Instead of waiting in line for Starbucks everyday, invest in a coffee maker and make it yourself. Or, fill it in the dining hall while you eat breakfast. While it might not taste as good, it still has caffeine and that’s really all we care about. 

If you’re lucky enough to have a kitchen, make your own meals. Shopping for groceries still costs money, but eventually, it balances out and it’s cheaper than going out for at least two meals a day. Also, there is something self rewarding about making your own meals. Adulting is fun!



When you do go out, choose a cheaper option.


Of course, we all deserve to treat ourselves once in awhile. But when you do go out on a Friday night, try to limit yourself. Look at the prices, and don’t get the most expensive thing on the money, even if the special looks fantastic. You can find something just as yummy on the menu for a bit cheaper.



Make a plan and stick to it.


At the start of each week, decide what you’re going to eat each day. Decide when you’ll spend money, and have an idea of how much you will spend. Try to stick to the plan, and don’t look longingly as you walk past the sushi place. It may be hard at first, but eventually, it will become routine and you’ll be able to easily squash that voice in your head that tempts you to spend money unnecessarily. 

Treat yourself once in awhile.



Yes, I know this isn’t a tip on saving money, but you should still do it. After you turn in a big project or finish an exam, treat yourself to a meal at your favorite restaurant or a large cup of your favorite coffee. Once in awhile, forget about that budget for a day, but only after you’ve trained your mind to be able to resist temptations on the daily. Treat yourself, but do it wisely.