By Aasha Amber Bhatnagar

We all have that one clothing item or accessory that we can’t live without — that one brand that fits us just right. Brands have been an important part of pop-culture since well before the internet existed. Brand-named clothing has revolutionized the fashion industry in terms of trends, quality and price with each brand having their own signature image. Finding the perfect brand that fits your unique style can change your life and instantly boost your look.

Here’s my guide to my top brand choices for fashion essentials.


For denim: Zara 

I quite possibly wear some sort of denim every day, yet some jeans just don’t look as good as others. My current year-round go-to store for everything denim is Zara. They have the most versatile denim that ranges from jackets to jeans to headbands to even shoes. Zara jeans fit me perfectly and never cease to work for any season and outfit. 

Buying good quality denim can be a major difference between looking cheap or put together. Higher quality denim is usually made with stronger weighted denim, rather than cheaper denim that is usually some sort of thin weave that rips easily. Investing in some high quality denim will vamp up your outfits. 


For leggings: PINK

Everyone should own a pair of leggings. Leggings are my go-to for when I just want to be comfy or when I want to sport an athleisure look. They can easily be dressed up or down depending on the mood of the day. My current favorite way to wear leggings is to pair some all-black leggings from PINK with your cutest fall sweater and tie it all together with some high-top Converse or all-white Adidas. Cute and comfortable.


For boots: Dr. Martens

One of my most prized possessions in my closet are my classic Dr. Martens. They can be styled with any outfit to edge it up. I recently bought them at the Dr. Martens store Newbury Street and don’t know why I haven’t gotten them sooner. They’re astonishingly comfortable for walking and the cutest option for rainboots too. 

Docs can be worn in the summer with a dress, in the fall with jeans and a sweater, and even in our frigid winters paired with some thick cozy socks.


For Sweaters: ASOS

As the weather here in Boston cools down to the windy 50s, sweaters are crucial. You can’t go wrong with a cute, solid colored sweater paired with denim or leggings and a cute pair of shoes and the right one can be dressed up and down to complement your style. My favorite cozy sweater brand is ASOS, which is an online store based in the UK with the hottest trends of each season. 

They have a plethora of color choices and styles to choose from to fit any outfit. Sweaters are great to just throw on without hassle while still looking chic. 


BONUS: Tote Bags

My favorite purse style of the season is a black, faux leather shopper bag. It fits everything I need for school while also allowing me to look fashionable and put-together.

I recently picked one up from H&M for $24.99, which is a total steal for an instant fashion boost. 


BONUS: Jewels and Baubles 

As a college student, those coveted Tiffany necklaces are a bit out of our financial boundaries. But we can’t all be as fabulous as Audrey Hepburn. Sometimes, we have to just be a regular college student. Just because we can’t all afford designer jewelry doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice style. Some of my favorite brands, like Etsy and Baublebar have affordable and trendy jewelry that will dress up your outfit without breaking the bank. 

Adding a touch of jewelry to your outfit can change the whole dynamic and make you look poised and glamorous. If you want a more boho look, a touch of some dainty chains will accomplish that for you. Some items I’ve picked up from my favorite jewelry stores have been dainty chains with my initial, different kinds of crystal settings and mini gold hoop earrings.