By Dylan Hubert

When you think about about the ultimate mother, you probably think about someone who is loving and is always there for you — basically a person who knows you like no other. You may have been thinking about your own mother.

But let me ask you, did the image of this person in your head have a hip, spiky haircut and live in a downtown hotel? If not, I strongly encourage you to reconsider your image of the perfect mother. Yes, I am talking about Carey Martin.

Carey Martin, played by actress Kim Rhodes, is the “fun mom” from the ‘00s Disney Channel hit show “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.” Rhodes portrays the young mother with a set of rowdy twins who lives in The Tipton Hotel where she is a resident singer and performer in the lounge. 

Her living in a hotel is a crucial reason as to why she is so cool. What kid wouldn’t want to grow up in a hotel? The space provides opportunities for unlimited shenanigans and entertainment. Plus, with Martin working late nights as the hotel entertainer, both Zack and Cody have a lot of freedom which, if you’ve ever seen an episode of the show, they obviously take advantage of.

Rhodes did such a great job in her performance as Martin that it’s hard to believe she didn’t become a mother in real life until the end of her run on the show. Rhodes showed off her skills as an actress who could deliver a stern talk to the boys when they were being rambunctious or one who could give advice when her boys were seeking a mentor. I hope that these acting chops transferred well to her parenting as a real mother. 

Overall, Rhodes delivered a stellar performance as a mother who was “too-cool-for-school.” I believe this performance should be sold as a “how-to” example right alongside all of the other parents-to-be books and videos. If we had more parents like Carey Martin, maybe the world would be a little bit better.