By Brittany Lee

Nancy Pelosi delivered a message that rocked the country on Sept. 24. She announced the official movement of an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. Pelosi not only stunned the nation with her spoken statement but also with her fashion statement. Her ensemble will go down in history with her eloquent words.

Let’s start at the top, shall we? The hair: Pelosi donned her iconic bob lightly styled to exude ease and reflect the calm demeanor of her presentation. 

Following this subtle track, we move to her makeup choices. Her face was adorned by a light rouge to flush her cheeks paired with a malted pink lipstick, just bold enough to stand out against the pallor of her skin. Her eyes were shaded in a light pink, almost nude shadow. The pink tones were used to accentuate her features whilst highlighting her femininity, creating a bold statement. Pelosi made it extra clear to all who saw that she, a woman, was delivering this message.

Her dress made quite a statement of its own. It was a classic a-line sheath style mated with quarter-length sleeves and a below the knee cut playing to conservative audiences even if they were not aware of it at the time. Simultaneously she put up a finger to those audiences with the center split that flowed as she moved. 

The color was the real message, however. Pelosi’s dress was a royal blue that emits a sense of sophistication and intelligence to those that gaze upon it. More importantly, she chose the boldest version of the democratic symbolic color to wear on this day, drawing a firm line in the sand on her views for this particular topic. The zipper does not draw from this message as it is the same color of blue, rather it blends not clashing with the accessories she so eloquently fitted to this outfit.

Speaking of which, let’s get to the fun part: the accessories. Each accessory she wore was understated. The earrings and bangles were thick in material but minuscule in stature. The gold coloring of her jewelry reminds us of her courage in taking this stance, and her hope for the countries prosperity following its outcome. 

Her clutch was merely for functional purposes. Its beige coloring nearly blends with the background of her surroundings. Pelosi’s shoes were simplistically nude in color, but powerful in the pointed toe. The shorter heel allowed for modest functionality while also providing a satisfying slap against the tiled floor as she walked, announcing her path as she made her historic journey to the podium. 

The key piece of this look, however, was the lapel pin. She wore an American flag over her heart as a reminder to us all of who this decision was for, the U.S. and all who reside here.

Nancy Pelosi astonished the nation with her announcement and the outfit she wore while doing it was a powerful partner. This ensemble should definitely stay off the rack and in our minds.

  1. I thought this would be a good article, but it’s sad to see that we are looking at her wardrobe and appearance in the MeToo era and not on the substance at hand.And if we are to do reporting on one side of the aisle, lets look at Trump as well. At least our University can be fair and objective, or maybe not.

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