By Katrina Liu

It’s midterm season, folks. While I am guilty of getting off track and finding myself binging “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” when I have a paper due the next day, I’ve discovered a couple of hacks along the way to help you get that ‘A.’ 


Craft a study playlist



Whether it’s instrumental tracks, lo-fi beats or hardcore rap, put in your headphones and let these songs force your mind into that study mindset. Eventually, the songs will act as a backing track to block out other possible noises that could distract you.



Find a study area


Find an area where you can sprawl out your papers and laptop and also be motivated to get work done. It could be the library, your dorm room or even outside. Have your favorite tea near you. Make sure you’re comfortable, and be sure to stretch your limbs every once in awhile.



Put the TV show on hold


This is the one I break the most. Close the tab for Hulu or Netflix, no matter how good “The Office” is or how much you think you can multitask. Chances are, you can’t focus on Jim’s stares into the camera while finishing a lab report. 



Give yourself breaks


Personally, if I have a lot of work to do, I give myself 45 minutes to an hour to work with little distractions. And then, I take a 20-minute break to watch one episode of a show, shower or get some food. Breaks are good for the brain, but make sure you limit yourself and only give yourself breaks after you’ve done a significant amount of work.