By Aasha Amber Bhatnagar

Fashion is a form of identity, culture and art. Fashion has transformed the lives of many, opened our minds, changed our perspective on beauty standards and gives us a reason to be bold. That’s only a fragment of why fashion is so important in our world. 

It’s no wonder that when I was invited to Her Campus’ College Fashion Week, I accepted without hesitation. I’ve always wanted to attend New York or Paris Fashion Week, so this was my first step into the glamorous world of runwaysand glamorous it was.

The Show

As my friends and I walked through the doors at the Revere Hotel Boston Common, wearing our most fashionable outfits, we were given Primark gift cards, an eco-friendly tote full of beauty goodies and were greeted with eclectic music that instantly transported you to Oscar de la Renta’s runway. 

There were a ton of photographers desperately trying to capture a photo of us and every time they came close to me I felt like a model posing for Vogue. We were led into a room full of stylish college students, photo ops and, my personal favoritethe Create Your Own Bouquet Box station. Everything in here was totally instagrammable. 

On top of all of the alluring photo-ops, there was an area filled with feminist stickers, hats, neon lights and dorm-ready wooden signs with trendy sayings. After drowning in everything chic-galore, we secured a spot with a stunning view of the runway and munched on mini limoncello mousse-cups. 

The show began and models of all cultures and sizes strutted down the runway in the most coveted fall fashion trends. There were three themes to the fashion show: “Branded Monosport,” which sported athleisure, “90s Grunge,” which included punk band tees, denim, leather and flannel and for the grand finale, “A Neutral Position,” which showcased neutral double-breasted coats, scarves, the coziest booties and, one of the hottest fall fashion trends, plaid. 


The Final Takeaway

As college students, fashion and the identity phenomenon is something that we battle in our ever-changing society. Fashion plays a huge role in identity because it’s how we brand ourselves socially and culturally and it has revolutionized how our identities and society are perceived.

Her Campus’s College Fashion Week showed me that identity is personalized by us and that fashion also enhances our inner-identity. The event proved to me that as a college student I can break through the barriers of old-fashioned beauty standards. 

Sometimes, feeling fabulous in what you wear, no matter your sexuality, gender or size, is all it takes to transform your identity and boost empowerment that can revolutionize us as a society. Fashion is only one step along the way to that. Thank you, College Fashion Week, for encouraging those ideas and for a truly glamorous and unforgettable night.