By Olivia Ritter

Yes, it was made to be a dumb movie. No, I don’t care. Every movie deserves to be reviewed. Why else would you make a movie?

I loved it. Basically, Zach Galifianakis, notorious, slightly overweight, funny guy from such hit films like “The Hangover,” “The Hangover 2” and “The Hangover 3,” takes his “Funny or Die” talkshow, “Between Two Ferns” on the road. If you haven’t heard of “Between Two Ferns,” close this window, open YouTube and get to watching. 

If you didn’t feel like doing that, the talk show is basically just Galifinakis awkwardly and sometimes offensively speaking with big name celebrities. He does so between two large ferns. Some people he’s interviewed between his ferns include Bradley Cooper, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Jennifer Aniston. His interviews never fail to either make me laugh, make me feel really uncomfortable or both. 

The premise of the movie, released on Sept. 20 on Netflix, is basically Galifianakis’s journey to late night TV. After a mishap during an interview, Galifinakis destroys the small North Carolina studio that the show is filmed. He makes a deal with “Funny or Die” founder, Will Ferrell, that if he can make 10 shows in two weeks, he can have his own late night talk show. 

Of course, the movie has a documentary-like filming technique. Why wouldn’t it? It begins as a look into Zach Galifianakis’s daily life. The first shot is him smiling, out of focus, looking at the camera, welcoming a documentary crew into the studio. Sure, this is cheesy and probably unnecessary, but it allowed Galifianakis to be extra silly and weird, which I thoroughly appreciated. 

So, off Galifianakis went with the show’s crew, Cam, Boom-Boom and Carol to find celebrities across the country to interview. As a viewer, I’m really surprised at how many huge celebrities he managed to pick up from North Carolina to Los Angeles. I’m talking Chrissy Teigen, Benedict Cumberbatch and Peter Dinklage, among many, many more. 

Yes, this movie’s plot was extremely predictable. You knew his team was going to leave him, stranded in the rain, and you knew he was going to be inspired to reunite with his team and make it to Los Angeles. And you knew he was going to get his own talk show. 

The bottom-line here is that this movie did its job. It’s not good and it’s not thought-provoking, but it did what it set out to do: make us laugh.