By Dylan Hubert

When you hear the name Jason Earles, what comes to your mind? If you’re like me, the first and only thing that I can think of is his classic role in the ‘00s hit Disney Channel show, “Hannah Montana,” as Miley Stewart’s fun-loving, prankster big brother, Jackson. 

To be honest, I never thought that Earles’s acting was all that special. He knew how to deliver a funny line in the show and that was really all his role required. No disrespect to the people writing the scripts, but this certainly wasn’t the work of Shakespeare. 

As I grew out of my Disney Channel phase and onto bigger and better things, Jason Earles slipped out of my memories. It wasn’t until the day a friend pointed out just how much of an anomaly Earles truly is that I realized how much I had overlooked him. Earles is currently 42 years old, which made him 29 when the “Hannah Montana” started. That’s right folks, Mr. Earles was a 29-year-old playing a 16-year-old. 

When I first learned this fact, I immediately had to go back and rewatch an episode to see if my senses were deceiving me. How could this be? Earles may not be the world’s greatest actor, but that guy sure as hell knows how to play a teenager. 

Perhaps it is his short stature or trendy, Bieber-esque hair that holds the powers for his acting chops? Or maybe it is just a gift from a higher power? Maybe Earles was just sent here from across the galaxy in order to show off his mastery of this niche acting market? I challenge you to go back right now and watch a clip of Jason acting in “Hannah Montana” and convince yourself that he is not double the age of his castmates. He fills his role so well that even though I know the truth, it is still impossible to believe. 

Earles probably broke some teenage actor’s heart when he swooped in and scored the role on this show. I guess that was probably a good lesson for that kid to learn. That is, no matter how good of an actor you are as a teenager, 42-year-old Jason Earles will always be better than you.