By Katherine Wright

The short answer: no. 

The long answer: 


Unfortunately, tag is simply a poorly-disguised form of running in circles with too little competition to make you care about this game for longer than two minutes, at which point you realize that there is no real objective, no real reward and very little fun. Sorry. It’s good for getting energy out, though.


Candy Land

I have mixed feelings here. While I respect the choice of theme for this board game, there is something missing from this colorful classic. Perhaps some kind of dark twist or the inclusion of real life candy would add that extra dimension needed to bring Candy Land with us into 2019. But, honestly, nothing is more unfair than getting sent back to the beginning.



While the pain of stepping on one of these little pieces is enough to shoot up through your foot and set your entire body on fire, I can’t deny that the themed sets (think: Harry Potter, Friends and Stranger Things) are incredibly enticing. The specific sense of luxury and excitement also still applies for the Polly Pocket Jumbo Jet Plane.


Bop It

I can confidently declare that “Bop It” is still the charming, addicting and wildly fun game you remember it to be. There are few satisfactions that mirror the competitive rush of advancing past “Novice,” flying past “Expert” and conquering the “Master” level to hear the glorious and well-deserved “Congratulations, you beat Bop It.” 


Lincoln Logs

Unlike “Bop It,” the immensely rewarding feeling of assembling loose logs into a beautiful cabin has certainly lost some of its impact. What was once a tremendous feat in carpentry is now a mildly interesting, four minute experience. To be fair, however, there is definitely still potential for entertainment and accomplishment when laying down the green planks to create the roof. We must give credit where credit is due. 



My least favorite game favorite of the entire collection. However, if you asked me 12 years ago, I would respond with fanatic enthusiasm. When a camp counselor, girl scout troop leader or birthday party staff member so much as mentioned the word “Telephone,” my eyes popped out of my head in the uncontrollable excitement and anticipation of what silly word I would pass around this time. 

Telephone is literally a game where one person picks a word, they whisper it to the next person, who tells the next person and so on, until you are lucky enough to be the last person in the circle and get to say aloud “toilet” and listen to the anticipating giggles of the crowd. If you haven’t guessed it already, I am sorry to report that this game did not age well. 


Gimp and String Friendship Bracelets

Sign me up. But only for about 45 minutes and in front of mindless TV. While gimp and string friendship bracelets may no longer be able to stand on their own (without the necessary charm and attending sleepaway camp), they may still provide a nice supplementary activity to watching your favorite sitcom or reality show. 



Hide-and-seek is one of the few games that has managed to work its way up the chain of adolescence. Its journey from indoor hiding to outdoor, dark, hide-and-seek-tag-fusion (also known as Manhunt and the only acceptable variety of tag), proves that this game contains an innovative, provocative boldness on par with the flawless transformation of Apples to Apples to Cards Against Humanity.