By Dylan Hubert

When people think of the “cool guys” in the movies, often times they’re the big-time stars that get the nod as people’s favorite. These are usually guys like Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, or a Hemsworth brother. Sure, these guys are objectively cool, but I believe that there is one guy that flies under the radar in the consensus ranking: Gerard Butler. 

Take some time and think about it. When has Gerard Butler ever not been the coolest guy in the room? He is a dreamy, complicated fantasy and yet also a man’s man all tied together into one supreme gift from above. 

It can be easy for an actor such as Butler to slip into the back of people’s minds, but my challenge to you is to think of a movie where he didn’t outperform expectations. Sure, not all of his movies are Oscar-worthy, but this is a guy who knows how to pick and choose his roles and deliver on every single one of them. Whether he is playing an ancient, gritty Roman king in “300,” a lonely and heartbroken man behind a mask in “The Phantom of the Opera,” or an idealistic lover in “The Ugly Truth,” Butler consistently provides every facet to what his roles require. 

Sure, one could look at his catalogue of movies and think that they see a bunch of repetitive roles as an action hero, but isn’t that what we all want from the guy? I have no doubt in my mind that if Butler was the lead actor in a challenging, Academy Award winning role that he would provide an Oscar worthy performance. Sometimes an actor just has to know their role. I believe that Butler knows his role better than anyone. 

Gerard Butler, on top of his acting chops, seems to be the coolest guy even when he isn’t on the screen. He seems like the kind of guy that I would love to have over during a Thanksgiving dinner. He could talk to the ladies about all their favorite rom-coms that he is in, catch up with the boys about shredding waves in “Chasing Mavericks” and even relate to the kids while doing the voice of Stoick from “How to Train Your Dragon.”

Not to mention, he even has a degree in law and was the president of his law society in college, while also being the lead singer of his rock band.

If Gerard Butler isn’t your favorite actor, then so be it. I don’t expect him to be. Regardless, I would hope that you look at him in a new light from this day forward. Push away the notion of him being some cheesy actor and look at him as the person who you strive to be. I know I sure do.