By Katrina Liu

I’ve been to a handful of concerts in my lifetime, ranging from One Direction to Lifehouse to Kelly Clarkson. I’m a concert-lover, always standing up right when the opening chords play and always having the time of my life, whether I know all the songs on the setlist or just two. 

From the concerts I’ve been to, I’ve come to learn that every concert has a crowd, and each crowd consists of a few distinct groups of people. Some of them I love and some of them I absolutely can’t stand. 

When I went to see Shawn Mendes on Aug. 16, here are the three main groups of people I encountered:


The younger people who are only there for a good time.

My favorite part of parents taking their kids to concerts is when you can see the kids having a blast as their parents look on wide smiles. 

I never got the chance to go to a concert as a young kid, so as I looked to the little girl next to me singing along to “Stitches,” my heart was bursting with happiness. Her young mom was recording videos of her daughter’s joyful expressions and looking on with a smile. Though the age gap was prevalent between me and this little girl, I felt like we were connected.



The people who have a bit too much to drink.

On the other side where my friend and I were sitting, there was a group of girls — who were at least 21 — with cups of beer in their hands. They didn’t show up to their seats until about halfway through Mendes’ set. At first, they were having a good time and singing loudly, just as everyone else was. Sure, they were a little tipsy, but it was harmless.

Until it wasn’t. One of the girls started falling over and spilling beer on the young girls in front of her and my friend had to grab her waist to prevent her from falling over. This isn’t my first time seeing people under the influence at a concert and I can’t blame them — concerts are supposed to be an amazing time. But, when it comes to a point where you fall three rows down trying to leave the concert (yes, that did happen) and your friends are too drunk to take care of you, there might be a problem. Especially at a concert where the main act just turned 21 himself. But hey, maybe that’s just me. 



The people who are only there to say they were there 

My least favorite group of people at a concert are the ones who only seem like they came for the Instagram post. In front of my friend and I were a group of five girls sitting down on their phones. They were on Snapchat and Instagram the whole time. The only time they stood up was when Mendes played his latest single, which was his second-to-last song. 

Concerts are meant to be a time where everyone can have a good time for the night. The many strangers in the room are together under one roof because of their shared love of music. What a beautiful thought that is. So naturally, it makes me upset when there’s people who are doing something that could be done at home (for free). Check your Instagram and keep up with your Snap streaks before you go to bed, not at the concert you paid money for. 

But you know what? You do you, because I’ll be here dancing and having the time of my life, screaming the songs out of tune and proud. 

I encourage you, please go to a concert to have a good time, not for the Instagram picture. The magic of music is always in the air, you just have to find it and grab it. You are paying money to have a good time, so make sure it’s worth it.