By: Sarah Readdean


Over the past week, 3,100 incoming first year students have moved into their dorms on campus and joined the rest of the Boston University community. Students come from all over the world and so, for some, a light polluted sky might be a bit of an adjustment. Despite the fewer number of visible stars in Boston, there’s still a lot to see here on a clear night and plenty of opportunities to take advantage of.

We live in a city that is constantly moving and so I find stargazing to be a way to slow down, relax and take in the world around you. Taking a second to look up at the sky and appreciate how small you are can put you in a mindful state which can help improve studying efficiency and help you start the year off right.  


Whether you’re sitting on the BU Beach, at the Boston Public Garden, attending the Public Open Night on campus or even just looking out your dorm room window, stargazing and contemplation will bring you peace and stillness, and it is this stillness that fosters creative thinking and positivity.

This past week, the moon has been in a crisp waxing crescent against the dark sky. Look toward West Campus after dusk to see the Moon with Jupiter beside it. The Moon becomes First Quarter the 6th and will continue to grow in its illumination until the Full Harvest Moon on Sept. 14. Saturn can be seen to the south.

Stargazing can get you that break from studying you need, but you can learn at the same time. Take a friend down to the Charles River and use a sky app on your phone to point out different stars. The next time you go out, see if you can identify the same constellation or star. If you can, I promise you, it’s one of the best feelings you’ll ever feel.

Start this new school year off on the right foot by stepping outside the dorm at nighttime, looking up at the sky and focusing your mind on your semester goals.