By: Kami Rieck


It’s the most wonderful time of the year bustling Terriers return to Commonwealth Avenue, darties are hosted in honor of Labor Day weekend and the stress of school has not begun. Syllabus week is the one week of the semester where a majority of the student body has not yet contemplated dropping out of college. Take advantage of these next few days and determine how to make the most of the calm before the storm. 

How did you spend your summer? 

a. Internship, minimal sleep, maximal grind #BUStudentsMeanBusiness applies to everyone, not just Questrom kids.

b. Work part-time, party full-time. Life is about priorities. 

c. Travel. I had three and a half months to embrace different scenery before I sold my soul back to Commonwealth Avenue. 

d. Recover from the strain of grade deflation


What is your fall 2019 goal? 

a. Get a 4.0 GPA while balancing an internship, a part-time job and/or an overloaded class schedule

b. A fall fling. Summer is over and it’s the ideal time to secure a ~pal~ to help alleviate the stress. 

c. Break the BU bubble. With a schedule full of obligations and deadlines, it’s nice to remember that life beyond Commonwealth Avenue exists. 

d. A good work-life balance.


Where do you see yourself in one month?

a. Mugar Memorial Library. With a food court attached to the building, I might as well list Mugar as a second shipping address. 

b. A frat house in Allston. I must cherish every part of Boston, even the moldy basements. 

c. Paris, France. Fall break calls for a quick, simple and last-minute vacation from Boston. 

d. BU Beach. Campus and class is great, but naps are equally valued, especially when I close my eyes and feel like I’m on a beach


What is your ideal date? 

a. Copley Square. Boston Public Library is not only the perfect insta-worthy location, but also has optimal study spacesgrind together, die together. 

b. Sorority formal. The perfect picture-worthy opportunity to flex on all my Instagram followers. 

c. A five-course meal at a five-star restaurant in the North End. Since the tuition increased this year, why shouldn’t my budget? 

d. New York City. Boston costs just as much as NYC, but does it come with the same benefits as the Big Apple? 


What are you most excited for this semester?

a. Maximum opportunities to grind and network. Climbing the ladder truly never stops. 

b. Work hard, play hard. Well-behaved students rarely made history. 

c. Countdown until study abroad. The pain does not compare to the joy that is coming.

d. Consistent schedule. Routine is everything and everything is routine.


If you got all As…

You have a few days out of the next three and a half months to chill out with minimal guilt. Considering your idea of relaxation is probably planning out your semester schedule to a T, at least indulge in take-out or a bubble bath while you do it. Do a favor for everyone around you and take a walk, break or even better, a few breaths. 

If you got all Bs…

Since you are not too attached to your title as a student, you might as well dedicate your fresh energy to having your schedule intact. Schedule classes, homework and outside obligations to align with your more important activities. This will make it easier to avoid being hungover on exam days and allocate your energy. 

If you got all Cs…

Hop on the T, close your eyes, dim out the outside sounds and hop off at an unmapped stop. You may have exhausted all of the must-see destinations in Boston, but foreign spots lead to unexpected surprises. There are vast cultural, socioeconomic and racial differences among Boston’s many neighborhoods, including Dorchester, Roxbury and Jamaica Plain. 

If you got all Ds…

Balance is your middle name. If you are planning your schedule strategically, pursuing a non-traditional activity this week would be most efficient as opposed to any other time during the semester. Welcome spontaneity and release your inner beast. You do have time to deviate from routine and not be screwed for the semester. A few tireless nights is only temporary pain.