For the first time, as a junior at Boston University, I am no longer living on campus. Instead, I’ll be spending my days in an off-campus apartment on Park Drive, right in BU South Campus (so really off-campus on campus). 

After experiencing the horrors of going up and down Warren Towers elevators with huge, yellow bins and trudging up three flights of stairs in a Bay State Road brownstone, I have finally had a blissful move-in day.

1. No more big, yellow bins

Everyone loves getting everything up an elevator in one trip. But, when the bin carrying your stuff has dirt and trash in it, it’s not so convenient. Not to mention, though the elevators expected to carry the bins are big enough, they don’t fit much else. Sure, moving into an apartment means carrying furniture to its destination, but it also means none of those dirty, yellow bins. 

2. More move-in space

Possibly the worst thing about move-in day is having to navigate around roommates’ spaces to get your own space together. If you’re lucky enough to get your own room in an apartment, you get all the space in the world to arrange and rearrange, stand on furniture to hang things up or even yell at your parents when they aren’t helping. 

3. A big bed

I don’t know about anyone else, but sleeping on a twin bed at school when you come from a larger size bed is a real downer. Of course, not every apartment has exorbitant amounts of space for a full-size bed, but if it does, it makes a world of a difference. Sure, this doesn’t directly affect the move-in, but when you lie down at the end of a day full of dorm decorating, it feels way better on a full-size bed.


4. No more BU-issued furniture

As nice as it is to get a desk, bed and dresser that match, it was incredible to place my furniture where I wanted right away. Not to mention, I got to pick out the furniture I wanted for the first time in my adult life. Don’t get me wrong, as a freshman and sophomore, I loved the corkboard on my desk and the six drawers on my dresser. However, like I said before, my BU-issued bed was not a winner.

5. No more hiding

We all know the dorm life rules: no coffee makers. Yes, a small inconvenience, maybe even irrelevant for some. But for others, like myself, I live off of coffee — and not dining hall coffee or five dollar lattes from Starbucks — I need a Keurig. As fun as it is to throw my Keurig in my closet under a pile of clothes before winter break, there’s nothing I love more than walking into my apartment and seeing my Keurig, sitting proudly on my kitchen countertop.