By Haley Chi-Sing

As Earth Month comes to a close, let us sigh and think about all of the wonderful ways we have implemented earth-friendly habits in order to make the world a brighter, greener place…

Ok, moment’s over. While the end of Earth Month draws to a close, I have taken the opportunity to throw a couple more eco-friendly food ideas at you.

Here are a couple of ways you can reuse food scraps that will not only leave you feeling extremely crafty, but also with a feeling in your heart you are saving the Earth, one banana peel at a time.

Use leftover coffee grounds as an exfoliant and dish cleaner.

This one is fairly easy to implement if you make your own coffee at home. Leftover coffee grounds can be used both as a hand, lip and face exfoliant, but also as a dish cleaner. The grounds can help clear your skin of dead skin cells, leaving you feeling refreshed and clean. If you want a more moisturizing exfoliant, you can also add a small amount of any oil you prefer (olive oil, coconut oil, etc) to the grounds.

Coffee grounds can also work as a dish cleaner to wipe off even the toughest of stains and debris in your pots and dishes.

Infuse banana peels in milk or baking.

Leftover banana peels can be infused in your milk or other baking ingredients to give homemade baked goods a slight banana flavor without having to use an actual banana or waste the peel.

Some banana-infused recipes include banana hot chocolate, banana peel tea and banana syrup.

Put eggshells in your flower pots.

Mix leftover eggshells with the soil in your flower pots to add an extra fertilizer boost. The eggshells add much-needed calcium to the soil, allowing for healthy plant growth. Eggshells also act as a kind of pest control against those pesky snails and slugs.  If your plants are especially prone to insects, try sprinkling ground up eggshells directly onto pests, as well.

This tip will not only help you avoid throwing out your eggshells, but it will also give you a free plant fertilizer!

Use leftover herb stems in water or in cooking.

While leftover herb stems might seem virtually useless, they provide just as much flavor and use as their leaves. Use the leftover stems as flavor infusers in water to make a refreshing drink to enjoy any time of day.

You can also infuse cooking ingredients such as butter and oil with leftover herb stems to add an extra touch of flavor to any dish without needing to use the herb’s leaves.

Dry your leftover citrus peels.

Drying your leftover citrus peels takes practically no time at all, and can prove extremely useful as citrus infusers for your favorite meals and beverages. Just like the leftover banana peels, dried citrus peels can be added to hot water to make tea, during cooking to add some extra tangy flavor to dishes, or even to baking ingredients to add a citrus flavor without using the actual citrus.