By: Haley Chi-Sing

Coming at you is part two of Haley’s Hacks: Earth Month edition! This week, we will move on to the second part of our hug-a-tree motto — reuse! Here are a couple of tips for reusing your food items from the dining hall.


  • Don’t use a separate plate for each of your servings.


Before I begin my rant, I will respectfully acknowledge those who are somewhat compulsive about the way their food is arranged. I fully understand that while it may seem odd to put your peas on the same plate as your pizza, it is definitely not unheard of. If it truly does bother you, then move on.

Reusing your plates is a great way to be earth-friendly at the dining hall. It’s easy, it’s simple, and it really doesn’t require much energy. By reusing your plates, not only will you be saving yourself a couple of extra runs to the conveyor belt, but a lot of water and dish soap in the kitchens as well as the dining hall staff’s time. It’s a win-win situation!


  • Don’t use separate cutlery, either!


The reusing of plates also goes for the cutlery in the dining hall. While it would generally be assumed that you would use a separate fork for your salad and another for your fruit, it really isn’t earth-friendly or even considerate of the staff’s time to do so.

Simply reuse your forks and knives — you can just wipe them off and voila! Just like new! Believe me, it won’t kill you, and it all goes to the same place.


  • Save your leftover fruit in a tupperware.


If you have a bit of fruit or any part of your meal left over, you can always store the extras in a tupperware and take them back to your room.

That way, you’ll be reducing any food waste, and you can have the leftovers for dinner or lunch sometime later! It’ll save you a meal swipe and the extra trip down to the dining hall.


  • Bring your own water bottle to the dining hall.


While the dining hall always does a great job of having a ton of cups clean and ready at our disposal, they start to add up once everyone takes one or two cups for every meal.

Instead of using one of the cups at the dining hall, use your own reusable water bottle and simply fill it up as you need. Not only will you be (again) saving water, dish soap and the staff’s time, you’ll be getting great use out of your snazzy Hydro Flask!