By Michal Shvimer

Teaser trailers can be such a tease. Creator Ryan Murphy announced “1984” to be the theme for American Horror Story’s ninth season yesterday.

“AHS SEASON 9 is called…” he captioned the teaser trailer in an Instagram post, which revealed the theme to be “1984.” The season will be a period piece highlighting ‘80s cult classics like “Friday the 13th,” which the teaser portrayed.

The 45-second clip shows a young woman running through the woods from a dark, hooded figure. Maybe AHS will take a satirical approach to these thriller cliches, but the theme makes me wonder if the creators are running out of ideas.

From season two, “American Horror Story: Asylum,” which weaved a complex plot about aliens, nuns and asylum patients, to season nine, a potential re-creation of 1980s thrillers, maybe the writers have exhausted their creativity.

I don’t want to shoot “1984” down before I watch it, but the season will be missing a fundamental part of AHS — Evan Peters. The fan favorite has decided to sit these season out, he revealed in an interview with WonderCon. He told GQ last year that playing dark characters — such as Tate Langdon, Kit Walker, etc. — has been mentally draining.

Meanwhile, the ninth season is welcoming back a returning cast member — Emma Roberts — Peters’ ex-fiancé. The two have been on and off for seven years, but this time feels a bit more permanent. Peters, 32, moved out of their home, and Roberts, 28, has moved on to a new relationship with actor Garrett Hedlund.

But this blog isn’t about the tumultuous AHS romance, it’s about AHS. The ninth season should be around in time for Halloween, just when we crave it most. We will see if it stands up to the 80s horror staples and previous seasons, especially without Peters.