By: Haley Chi-Sing

You know those mornings you wake up so hungry but simply don’t have enough time to drop by the dining hall before your 9 a.m. class? We barely have time to pick out a decent outfit before we run out the door — how can we nourish ourselves at the same time?

But, we must remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And while a cup of Starbucks coffee may hold us over until our next break, it may not be the best breakfast choice in the long run.

However, here are a couple of quick breakfasts ideas that will not only get you out the door on time, but will keep you happy and satisfied until your next official meal.


  • Protein shake


A quick protein shake can go a long way, filling you up to the max while also providing you the necessary protein and nutrients to keep you running throughout the day. If you don’t necessarily have time to make your own protein shake in your dorm, you can either store up on grab-and-go bottled protein shakes, or you can get your own blender bottle to shake up the protein powder wherever and whenever.

I am definitely a “morning protein shake” type of person — I drink one just about every single morning. I tend to use half milk and half water and just shake it up in my blender bottle, so I can drink it on my way to class or even afterward.


  • Hard-boiled eggs


Hard-boiled eggs are definitely not for everyone, but there is no doubt they are a great source of protein and energy that’ll last for hours. Not to mention, they’re a great protein option for those who have meal restrictions.

While you can definitely boil your own eggs, packaged hard-boiled eggs can be bought practically anywhere — City Convenience, Buick Street Market, Target, etc. They generally last for a decent amount of time, about 3-4 days in your refrigerator and for a couple of hours in your backpack while you wait to get out of class.


  • Yogurt


Yogurt is definitely one of the more difficult breakfast options to have on the go, but it’s a great option to eat while getting ready or even during class. Yogurt packs in a ton of protein, probiotics and calcium.

Be warned — yogurts can easily become a sweet treat rather than a nutritious breakfast choice. Be sure to grab one with low sugar and few artificial ingredients to get the most out of your quick breakfast.


  • Applesauce


Applesauce, for the most part, does require a spoon, so it’s probably not the best option if you’re planning on catching the T. However, you can definitely have a quick applesauce cup right before you leave your room or even before or after your class.

If you’re looking for a more portable option, however, you can’t go wrong with GoGo Squeez. It’s actually a scientific fact that no matter how old we get, we will never be too old to eat applesauce out of a straw.

Applesauce is also another breakfast option that can easily go overboard on the sugar. Make sure to look for unsweetened applesauce so as to ensure you get the healthier of the options. And, shockingly enough, it tastes even better than the sweetened version.


  • Oatmeal or cereal


This option is really a no-brainer. Oatmeal and cereal are two quick and easy options that can be made and prepared in less than two minutes. You can always have the oatmeal or the cereal by itself, or you can even add fruit or extra toppings to make your breakfast slightly more tasty and enjoyable.

I personally prefer having oatmeal in the morning, as I avoid the potential milk spill that I would otherwise get if I went for cereal. I also like to add berries or bananas to my oatmeal and quickly eat it before heading out the door.