By Karla Leon

I hope you’ve been following the madness this month. Multiple memes have faced off and many have forever left their marks on the social media stratosphere.

Throughout three rounds, there have been memes going off against each other with the three surviving memes being the following: “Go Crazy, Go Stupid,” “Let Me Drive The Boat” and “Pregnant With/ My Stomach.” But because this is Meme March Madness, only one meme can win the coveted title of best meme of the month.

Although all the memes are hilarious in their own right, there is one that is just slightly more hilarious than the rest.

For its broad meme potential, the best meme of Meme March Madness goes to…

“Pregnant With/ My Stomach” meme!

In honor of its win, here are some more “Pregnant With/ My Stomach” memes for your enjoyment.

If you liked playing with Polly Pocket shoes and they often found themselves in the depths of your stomach at one point, just know that your stomach still remembers.

Another crossover for the win. This just seemed too good not to include.

Some memes just have no chill!

I feel personally offended by this meme, but it’s OK because it’s just so funny that you forget about your bloated stomach for a few seconds.

And, finally, to end on a wholesome note, here’s one last meme that I think we can all agree with.

That’s it, folks! We have reached the end of Meme March Madness. Until next time!