By Karla Leon

Meme March Madness round three, here we go! We’re finally in the home stretch, and the last round of memes are too good to pass up.

The third round is kicking off with the “I’m Baby” meme and the “Pregnant with/ My stomach” meme. It’s a hard round, considering how great the memes are, but in the end, only one can survive the Meme March Madness.

Pregnant With/ My Stomach

Don’t you just love when Twitter comes up with memes constructed from punctuation marks that resemble a picture or person (for reference, see the Today’s Tea meme)? In this case, it’s a pregnant stomach with something inside like an emoji or text. They’re hilarious and highly amusing.

Let me drive the boat makes a comeback on this one. Kodak Black and boats just go so well together. If you’re confused, see last week’s Meme March Madness!

Sometimes a little self-deprecating humor can brighten up your day. 12 out of 10 recommend.

WARNING: don’t actually eat crayons. But who hasn’t eaten a piece of a crayon, eraser or some other obscure object as a child? This one resonates with me because it’s a flashback to simpler times when we were all just eating little pieces of “crayons” and annoying our parent(s).

One of the most comedic plot twists of Spongebob Squarepants was when his parents turned out to be cookies, so this meme slaps hard.

I’m Baby

I’m baby, you’re baby, everyone’s baby! What else can sum up your sensitive side than by saying you’re baby? Remember when being an adult was cool and everyone wanted to grow up? Well, that phase is over and done with. There’s a new trend in town, and all the “adults” better watch out because the “babies” are crawling for their spot.

It’s rough when you figure out you’re baby.

This is it, chief. This is the wholesome, quality content you need in your life.

Some take pride in being “baby,” and you know what, that’s completely fine. Power to the babies of the world!

The biggest question yet of this Meme March Madness. Will we ever know?

This round is a hard one. “I’m baby” and “Pregnant with…” are good, quality memes. However, only one meme can come out of this Meme March Madness alive.

Winner: “Pregnant With/ My Stomach”

Despite “I’m baby” providing some good banter on Twitter, “pregnant with” is more creative, funny and innovative. From the Kodak Black crossover to Spongebob, the meme slaps just a little bit harder.