By: Karla Leon

The second round of Meme March Madness is here with new memes contending for the No. 1 spot.

The first one is the “running guy” meme, which shows a guy running for unexplained reasons across a parking lot. The “running guy” meme has been used mostly for reaction videos and relatable content promotion.

The second meme in this round is Kodak Black’s “let me drive the boat.” The video originated from Kodak’s Instagram story but took off on Twitter as users started to make fun of Kodak by showing a clip of a boat crashing in the end of the video.

Running guy

Who didn’t do this as a little kid? Even the sound of feet slapping against the floor makes me reminisce on the days I would run through the hallway with my cousins, my flip flops thundering through the halls.

Now this I can currently relate to. I always sleep in as much as I can, and when I do wake up early, I procrastinate getting ready. This one I felt with my soul. The only difference is that I would never run to class — speed walk, yes.

Let me drive the boat

The way Kodak sways as he says “let me drive the boat” with confidence and authority is hilarious. But what’s even more hilarious is the edited part at the end where the boat crashes because of Kodak “driving” it.

Brother Nature is so wholesome. His rendition of “let me drive the boat” deserves some recognition for its spontaneity. It’s exactly the type of nice and wholesome content you need in your feed.

Winner: Let me drive the boat

“Let me drive the boat” took the win for round two and for good reason — it’s random and hilarious. Kodak Black becomes a meme every now and then, but this time around LMDTB had real promise.

It’s random and slightly out of context, but Kodak’s tone and the crash at the end reminds me of a deeper message that takes a dark turn. When when we try to “drive the boat” (take control of our lives) we may just end up crashing, just like Kodak. Now that’s dark humor, in true Twitter fashion.