By: Karla Leon

Spring break has come and gone, but the memes keep on coming. It’s March Madness and, no, I’m not just talking about the NCAA basketball tournament.

In the first round of Meme March Madness, we have a J.K. Rowling spin-off of the “No one: …” meme facing off against the “Go Crazy Go Stupid” meme. It seems Rowling is the next target in becoming the internet’s meme fodder.

Anyone is fair game, even our beloved Harry Potter author. But the next contender isn’t scared to go crazy and may just steal Rowling’s spotlight. May the best meme live.

J.K. Rowling

Rowling’s new reveal about Dumbledore’s sex life has sparked a whole Twitter movement making fun of her latest addition to Harry Potter lore. Most fans are just tired of Rowling adding new details to the HP world that don’t show up in the books or movies. Twitter users, however, took this initial frustration to another level.

It’s actually a phoenix, but who can ever be sure?

Grindelwald, Grindelwald, Grindelwald.

And he likes it, too!

Recently, Shane Dawson’s tweets have become a meme themselves. The social media influencer went to Twitter to announce he has not had any sexual relations with his cat. Luckily for us, one Twitter user merged the two memes together, and voila! A great meme crossover to freshen up your feed.

Go Crazy Go Stupid

Choose your fighter — go crazy or go stupid. Maybe, both? Despite the viral original Vine’s release circa 2015, it’s been making a lot of circulation around Twitter lately. People can’t seem to stop making references to this weird yet amusing video, which inspired Twitter users to go crazy AND go stupid this spring break.

If going crazy isn’t your cup of tea — for those on the other side of the pond — maybe going bonkers would be more preferable, yeah?

Rupi Kaur must be so tired of Twitter’s shenanigans with her poems by now.

Round One Winner:  Go Crazy Go Stupid

Despite the Rowling meme providing hilarious content, “Go Crazy Go Stupid” is more universally applicable and has more meme longevity than Rowling’s. Maybe I’m going positively bonkers, but this meme had me at the British takeover.