By: Melissa Dalarossa

Though the Boston nights remain chilly and I continue to encounter random piles of snow and ice throughout the city, as of March 20, spring has officially arrived. To celebrate, I’ve compiled a playlist of fun and breezy songs that will hopefully help you enjoy the longer days and plentiful — though admittedly still weak — sunlight.

“B-A-B-Y” by Carla Thomas

The buoyancy of this song’s instrumentals provides the perfect juxtaposition to Carla Thomas’ smooth vocals. She seems to savor the lyrics, drawing them out so they slip and slide across the track. “Just one look in your eye / And my temperature goes sky high,” she gushes, caught up in the kind of infatuation that’s as soulful and spirited as her song.

“Everywhere” by Fleetwood Mac

Carefully layered flutes, synths and vocals create a lighthearted, mystical feeling on this track, made prominent by its twinkling opening notes. Sparse yet prominent guitar, bass and drums anchor the beat, adding up to one of Fleetwood Mac’s most danceable songs.

“Woof Woof” by ARTHUR

Short but sweet, this track’s playfully manic energy comes through in its stuttering intro, bouncing bassline and ARTHUR’s vocalized singing. His lyrics are ironic, yet charmingly so: “Am I pretty? / Do I deserve to be?”

“Real Love Baby” by Father John Misty

Father John Misty opts for carefree serenity on this track as he sings about the birds and the bees, both literally and figuratively. Lyrics such as, “I’m in love, I’m alive / I belong to the stars and sky,” reflect the relaxed, languid pace of the song — a refreshing change from his usual, painfully ironic self-awareness.

“Jubilation” by Norma Tanega

Norma Tanega’s winsome voice rises and falls in tandem with her acoustic guitar and the minimal bassline on a track that perfectly embodies the feeling of happiness that arises from love. Quietly triumphant, quirky and sincere, “Jubilation” melds folk and pop in a uniquely captivating way.

“Plastic Flowers” by The Wake

Crisp guitars and a jumping bassline work to make “Plastic Flowers” a bubbly, upbeat track. Breathy vocals from The Wake add an atmospheric and easygoing quality to the otherwise energetic track.

“Uh-Oh, Love Comes To Town” by Talking Heads

Talking Heads are known for their eccentricity, and this song is no exception. As the bass hops around unexpected steelpans and jerky guitars, David Byrne hollers about the debilitating effects of love in his unmistakable voice.

“Conto De Areia” by Clara Nunes

The brilliance of this samba’s prominent mandolin is reflected in Clara Nunes’ clear voice, as she sings to the one-two beat of the pandeiro. Ocean imagery adds to the freshness of the track’s lyrics, and it comes through in the tinkling percussion and accompanying chorus.