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By Lori Mouradian

I’ll admit it: I’m biased when it comes to anything Rihanna. I’m obsessed with her. Her beauty line, Fenty Beauty, launched in 2017, so a review of her makeup is long overdue.

Spring break was the perfect opportunity to thoroughly test out her products, so once the doors opened at Sephora, I ran right into the Fenty Beauty section. I did not want to set my expectations too high, but how could Rihanna ever disappoint?

After spending roughly two hours at Sephora trying on every product, here’s my breakdown of what Fenty Beauty products I loved and what surprisingly didn’t work out for me.

Pro Filt’r foundation, $34

Let’s start with the basics. The Pro Filt’r is hands down the best foundation I have ever used. Not only is it available in 50 different shades, accommodating women of all shades and colors, but it also matched my exact skin tone. Best of all, it didn’t even look like I was wearing foundation.

The look was very natural and smooth. The Pro Filt’r isn’t just a foundation either, the line has concealers, primers and setting powders to complete the “Fenty Face.” After throwing in the Pro Filt’r foundation to my cute lil’ Sephora shopping bag, I continued to the Gloss Bomb.

Gloss Bomb Lip Gloss, $18

I have never been a huge lipstick girl, but I have always been a big lip gloss fan. I was already hooked on the makeup line after the foundation, so I was not at all hesitant to test the lip gloss, which I absolutely loved. Honestly, how is Rihanna so perfect at everything? Asking for a friend.

The Gloss Bomb is truly is a universal lip luminizer, just as the line promises. I tried on the shimmering rose nude, but the Gloss Bomb also comes in shimmering pearl and shimmering dusty pink.

The gloss was super flattering, I felt beautiful and empowered. It doesn’t dry my lips out, either, so I could keep reapplying to my heart’s content. I would recommend this to any friend.

Kiliwatt Highlighter, $34

I ended my sample tour with every single highlighter Fenty Beauty offers — Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Gold, Cooper and Champagne. AND THEY’RE ALL SO PRETTY. I ended up buying the Champagne, which if I may say, made my skin glow.

Even though I was reviewing all the makeup, it’s important to remember that makeup is fun. Feel free to play with it, take risks and dare to do something different and new, just like RiRi.