By: Haley Chi-Sing

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You know that one appliance that isn’t really allowed in your dorm? The Keurig or the NutriBullet that your RA might find in your room and make you discard? Yeah, those. Where on earth are you supposed to store them over break? You can’t just leave them in plain sight because dorms WILL be inspected.

I’ve got you covered — here are my top tips on where to store your beloved illicit appliances without paying the price.


  • In your empty, leftover suitcase


Most people (I want to believe) have two suitcases here at BU with them — one giant one they used for move-in and winter break and another smaller one to take over shorter breaks or weekend trips. Whichever one you leave behind for spring break can serve as your go-to storage unit for your precious illicit appliances.

Not only will your appliances be safe from your RA’s control, but you’ll be calm knowing no harm will come to them as long as they are safely tucked away in your leftover suitcase.


  • In your storage ottoman


I personally don’t own a storage ottoman, but I know plenty of people who do. Most people use their ottoman daily for snack or cleaning supply storage, but let’s hope there aren’t any leftover munchies left over break.

If your ottoman is, in fact, empty and barren of any chips or pretzels, take advantage of the extra space to store your appliances! No one will ever suspect a thing, unless they topple it over and your waffle maker comes rolling out. Embarrassing!


  • Behind your pillows and blankets on your bed


While this suggestion is somewhat odd, let’s be real, it’s pure genius. Your room is nicely organized, and your bed is perfectly made (hopefully). Little do they know, you’ve got a NutriBullet and kettle hidden very carefully behind your perfectly placed pillows and neatly stacked blankets.

A study-buddy — the large pillow with arms — is a perfect hiding accomplice. You’ll be safe knowing your appliances won’t fall and break as long as they’re nicely wrapped and hidden among your blankets and pillows.


  • Behind the shoe rack in your closet


I’m sure your shoe rack is pushed to the very back of your closet, leaving plenty of space in front of it to pile even more shoes. If you think about it, you can simply bring your shoe rack forward, and ta-da! You’ve got a decent amount of extra space behind the shoe rack to store practically anything.

Your RA probably won’t go into your closet, but even if they do, your appliances will be safe and hidden from view while your shoes can be shown off at the very front of your closet.


  • The top shelf of your closet behind all of the clothes you don’t actually wear


Most of the clothes we wear are probably hanging on the rack or folded neatly down near the main part of the closet. All of our extras and out-of-season clothes are most likely stowed away in boxes or folded neatly on the top shelves or cubbies of our closets.

But let’s think about this  just like the shoe rack, there’s plenty of space right behind your clothes where you can hide and store anything. This is free storage space, people! Use it!

Take advantage of the empty space behind your clothes to put away your illicit appliances and keep them out of your RA’s hands. Take the extra precaution to hide them away in your personal drawers and boxes, not the BU-owned closet.

Better be safe than sorry this spring break, hope these tips keep your contraband safe.