By Haley Chi-Sing

Many of us like to anxiously await the Oscars results and predict the winners, but there are more of us who simply watch the red carpet and then shut the television off. Because, let’s be real — we can just Google the winners once the show is over or keep up with the live Twitter updates.

Vogue released their annual “Best Dressed” list on Feb. 25, naming each and every star who served looks on Hollywood’s biggest night. I can’t exactly afford Givenchy Couture, but let’s see if my fashion critiques for “Best Dressed at the Oscars” match up with Vogue’s.

Tessa Thompson in Chanel Couture and Jimmy Choo heels

Tessa Thompson’s look was certainly classy and edgy at the same time. The gold accents on the black, solid-colored dress did make the gown itself stand out. I commend her choice to leave her hair down rather than doing an updo.

Thompson’s hair complemented her silhouette and added space to her bare shoulders in the strapless dress, giving continuity to the entire look. However, I was not fawning over the extra tulle at the waist and at the bottom of the dress.

Danai Gurira in Brock Collection and Fred Leighton jewelry

Danai Gurira was also classy to the max. The dress had no extravagant add-ons, but the dress itself was beautifully extravagant, the textured gold fabric giving the image of Gurira styling real gold.

The gold headpiece against her long black hair complemented the black detailings on her gold dress very nicely, as well.

Kacey Musgraves in Giambattista Valli Couture

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of excessive material. But if it is used to accent one specific part of the dress, I’m all over it.

However, I do think this dress was a bit much. Although Kacey Musgraves balanced it out fairly well with the clean updo, it did seem as if she was drowning in pink tulle.

Brie Larson in Celine by Hedi Slimane

Brie Larson looked like a vintage Hollywood starlet in her shimmering silver gown on the red carpet. I am personally a complete sucker for metallic dresses because they’re neutral, classy and full of potential for accessories.

Larson’s makeup matched her gown very well. The muted, darker-toned makeup made the silver stand out, and her blonde hair highlighted the high neckline beautifully. Speaking of the neckline, though, I’m not a huge halter fan.

Lady Gaga in Alexander McQueen and Tiffany & Co. jewelry

To be honest, you never really know with Lady Gaga. Lately, her outfits have been leveling down the extreme factor, but there’s always a Gaga flair, no matter what. This dress is no exception.

Lady Gaga looked extremely elegant in her all-black gown and matching all-black gloves. I think the waistline embellishment worked really well with her figure and the statement jewelry pieces helped enhance the very simple, clean gown.

Charlize Theron in Dior Haute Couture and Bulgari jewelry

Periwinkle isn’t a color you see too often on the red carpet, but Charlize Theron pulled it off extremely well. The dress, like many others, was very simple, but its fit was effortlessly perfect, which is the key to simple dresses.

The simple silver jewelry really brought out the color of the gown, and the pastel theme accented Theron’s dark hair and bright lip.

Rachel Weisz in Givenchy Couture and Cartier jewelry

I like the color and the headband, but that’s about it. To be honest, the top portion of the dress ruined the whole outfit. It looks like they cut off the sleeves of a raincoat and pasted them onto the top of the dress.

The bottom half of the dress is beautiful, and the color works well with her complexion and hair. If only they had only changed the top part of the dress, I think this could have been a look for the books.

Sarah Paulson in Brandon Maxwell

The bright pink looked beautiful on Sarah Paulson, and I do quite like a large ball gown. However, I didn’t particularly like the top of the dress, much like Weisz’s. To be honest, it looks like a balloon.

The two-piece factor is interesting, but the added pouf is neither flattering nor captivating. However, Paulson’s sleek updo counteracted the puffiness that was the dress itself, so it was a successful styling choice.

Billy Porter in custom Christian Siriano

This was a look. Billy Porter definitely pulled off a ball gown better than a lot of women on the red carpet.

The combined look of a classic ball gown with a classic tuxedo celebrated the best of men and women’s style all in one look, and, overall, it worked really well.

Elsie Fisher in Thom Browne

Suits were very much on trend at this year’s Oscars, served by Amy Poehler, Awkwafina and Elsie Fisher, alike. However, only certain people can really pull one off, and I definitely think Elsie Fisher is one of them.

The suit had very clean lines, typical of a designer suit, but they managed to make the suit look extremely feminine. The embellished collar and cropped sleeves were excellent details, and the boots looked excellent with the suit. The pop of color and pattern on the striped bag was a great touch, as well.

Gemma Chan in Valentino Couture and Bulgari jewelry

Gemma Chan’s dress can be considered somewhat similar to Musgraves’ in terms of their excess, pink hues and texture, but I can definitely say I much prefer Chan’s.

Although Chan’s dress did have a lot of material, the overall shape and fall of the dress still managed to make her the face the center of attention. Her casual updo worked really well with the dress, as it showcased her very natural makeup and pink pout, plus the minimal jewelry didn’t overwhelm the overall look. Best of all, the gown had pockets.

Laura Harrier in Louis Vuitton and Bulgari jewelry

Theron was not the only one rocking periwinkle this year. Laura Harrier also served a periwinkle gown and managed to pull it off magnificently.

Harrier also added silver to her look, similar to Theron, and I think the silver accents looked beautiful and texturized the simple fit of the dress. The colors worked very well with her skin tone, and her minimal makeup with matching shoes added continuity to the entire look.

Lucy Boynton in Rodarte and Cartier jewelry

Lucy Boynton looked extremely regal and elegant in a dark purple gown. I am not one for off-the-shoulder looks, but I think this one worked fairly well with the dress.

Because the dress didn’t have any additional accents or embellishments, the off-the-shoulder look with the puffy sleeves helped make the overall appearance look slightly more sleek and formal.

Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton

Very rarely has Emma Stone not been on the “Best Dressed” list and, let’s be real, she nails her looks every time. The dark fabric of the dress paired perfectly with the raised shoulders, which although a vintage trend, looked very modern and elegant.

The simple shape of the dress helped make the shoulders the essential element of the look without overwhelming Stone. The metallic foil on her dress was absolutely gorgeous, justifying Stone’s very minimal jewelry, and made the entire look seem very intricate and well-thought out.

Irina Shayk in Burberry

I can’t quite make up my mind about Irina Shayk’s look. The focus was definitely on the low-cut back, I thought the extra strap was somewhat odd.

The gold on the sleeves did add a little extra spunk to the gown, but I would have liked to see a few small embellishments or accents here and there just to make the overall look seem more formal.