By Melissa Dalarossa

This past week has been full of highs and lows, literally.

We started out the week with a high of 37 degrees Fahrenheit only to be greeted the next day with a sunny high of 63. By Saturday, we’ll be back to 30-degree weather (almost seems like… climate change is real…?).

But I’m not here to talk about the ecological implications of this week’s weather — I just provide the tunes. I’ve compiled a playlist to take you through the week, with each track corresponding to a different day’s temperatures. Enjoy!

Sunday: “Agoraphobia” by Deerhunter

High: 37

Low: 28

Agoraphobia (noun): Anxiety in situations where the person perceives their environment to be unsafe with no easy way to escape. This track’s swirling guitar lines and crisp drums work together to create a cozy atmosphere that’s perfect for staying in and avoiding the biting cold or venturing outside and immediately wishing you were back inside. Its title is almost too fitting.

Monday: “Keep Kool” by Winona Forever

High: 63

Low: 36

Monday’s unexpectedly warm temperatures deserve a fun, upbeat track like “Keep Kool.” Try to keep your cool as you see the BU beach swarming with students eager to make the most of the warmth. When you finally realize there’s absolutely nowhere to sit, console yourself with Winona Forever’s lulling vocals and smooth saxophone.

Tuesday: “Making Breakfast” by Twin Peaks

High: 64

Low: 41

“Happy happy days” continue as the warm weather carries over into Tuesday, and Twin Peaks’ charmingly grimy track is perfect for soaking up the sun. Jangly guitars provide the backdrop to slick baritone vocals that devolve into a howling chorus as Twin Peaks barks, “Nothing is forever,” steeling us for the inevitable drop in temperature we’ll soon have to face.

Wednesday: “Time Moves Slow (feat. Samuel T. Herring)” By BADBADNOTGOOD

High: 41

Low: 34

Wednesday’s frosty temperatures brought us back to the harsh, wintry reality, but the hazy synths and shifty drum lines on BADBADNOTGOOD’s silky-smooth “Time Moves Slow” will help you get through the chill. It features stunning vocals from Future Islands’ Samuel T. Herring, whose amazing 2014 David Letterman performance deserves a watch (stay tuned til’ the end for Letterman’s glowing reaction). Time really does move slow on a gloomy Wednesday.

Thursday: “It Gets More Blue” by Girlpool

High: 41

Low: 36

“It Gets More Blue” off of “Powerplant,” Girlpool’s third album, features some of the duo’s most cutting and insightful lyrics. Subdued vocals layer nicely over grungy guitars for a track that evokes a lazy, gray afternoon — perfect for an overcast Thursday in February.

Friday: “Well You Better” by Yo La Tengo

High: 53

Low: 30

Friday’s somewhat warmer temperatures call for a bubbly track by Yo La Tengo, whose muted vocals play off energetic drums and a bouncing bassline. “Please make up your mind,” Ira Kaplan says, voicing my own exasperation with this week’s weather.

Saturday: “It Never Entered My Mind” by the Miles Davis Quintet

High: 33

Low: 25

To round off the week, the Miles Davis Quintet is here to soothe and relax you with “It Never Entered My Mind.” Thoughtful and delicate, this track’s expressive trumpet and graceful piano are perfect for a wintry Saturday spent inside. Take your time with this one.