Karla Leon

New year, new memes. The year of 2018 was, indeed, the year of memes, but will it stand the test of time as 2019 makes a promising debut? We can only sit and watch as we refresh our feeds and see what else has become viral in the social media stratosphere.

Here are my top picks from this past break. Meme away!


Can’t Hear, Can’t Speak, Can’t See

The Bird Box meme was one of the first to go viral in the new year, exploding on Twitter and Instagram alike. The circulation of this meme was so vast that it unexpectedly garnered a lot of exposure and promotion for Netflix’s new movie “Bird Box.” Even I couldn’t help myself from watching the movie that inspired the meme.

The “Can’t hear, Can’t Speak, Can’t See” meme demonstrated how powerful a meme can be by influencing social media users to watch a movie. If this was a controversy blog, I would even dare to say that the meme may have been a marketing ploy used by Netflix to promote viewership of its movie. We may never know the truth, but at least we can enjoy the memes in the memetime.


… And it shows.

This meme is all about the niceties of our childhoods. It can connect a lot of people with a past experience that made them who they are today, and in other cases, it can make others realize how much they’ve been missing out on.

It’s interesting how simple the “and it shows” meme is, but it has been a great way for Twitter users to get a little sentimental and bond over our commonalities. This meme makes us relate to others who have gone through the same pains and struggles like in the examples below.


Straight line and Dashed line

As the end of 2018 neared, everyone on Instagram started posting their 2018 recaps. To counter the annoyance that 2018 recaps spurred, a meme was born.

This meme became so successful because it perfectly described the aggravating experience of having to tap through people’s absurdly long Instagram stories, sharing their best parts of 2018 (that is, if you stayed watching their story for that long).


Pink Boots Guy

Have you ever seen someone fight and twirl in the air so gracefully with hot pink boots on? If not, well, you have now. Just don’t try it at home.


As classes start up once again, I want to acknowledge that school can be hard and stressful at times, which can take a toll on our mental health. This is a gentle reminder to recognize that you are worth it, and keep going!

This semester, if you need to be reminded that your experience is relatable and worthwhile, that’s what memes are for.