By Caitlin Fisher


As most Terriers can understand, parents visiting for the weekend often entails several intense meals at various Boston eateries, discussing anything from how badly you flunked your stats midterm to the wide range of historic locales Boston has to offer.


If your parents are anything like mine, then the closing of Durgin-Park, formerly one of the longest-operating restaurants in the country serving up seafood in its Faneuil Hall location since 1827, was nothing short of tragedy.


However, never fear, for here is a list of quintessential Boston restaurants that will tempt your parents to their table:


Union Oyster House

It only makes sense to start this list with Durgin-Park’s longtime foe, Union Oyster House. Located only steps away from tourist-y Faneuil Hall, Union Oyster House lays claim to being the longest continuously operating restaurant in the country, as it opened in 1826, only a year before Durgin-Park opened its doors.


Many Boston celebrities and politicians used to frequent Union Oyster House, a list that includes Daniel Webster and the Kennedy family. How can anything you’ve learned at BU even compare to the history of this restaurant, one that is sure to impress your folks?


Eastern Standard

As most BU students probably know, you can’t go wrong with a good family brunch at Eastern Standard. Not only is the Egg White Frittata divine, but this restaurant, attached to the Hotel Commonwealth, has a bit of history attached to it, as well.


The Rathskeller, more commonly known simply as “The Rat,” was one of the legendary basement live music venues of Boston and played many rock bands such as The Cars, The Pixies and The Dropkick Murphys before they hit it big. Eastern Standard sits where The Rat once reigned. Eating avocado toast where the Ramones once played is a pretty wild concept, to say the least.


The Stockyard

I’d like to see anyone try to convince my parents NOT to host my grad party at this bougie Brighton eatery. Bonus: it’s right across the street from WGBH, in case your parents are passionate about public TV and radio!


Stephanie’s on Newbury

Stephanie’s patio seating in the summer and its Boston Brahmin sophistication makes this a great place to show off to the ‘rents.

  1. Eataly (or, really anywhere in the Pru)

This insanely busy Italian-style marketplace (complete with meat, cheese and gelato vendors) is also a great way into the hearts of those who raised you. Any venue in the Pru is a guaranteed way to show your parents the best Boston has to offer.


Top of the Hub

This is truly the end-all, be-all of tourist-y Boston restaurants. Located on the 52nd floor of the Prudential Center, this award-winning restaurant has stellar 360-degree views of the city that are sure to impress.


Gourmet Dumpling House

Self-advertised as America’s Second-Best Chinese diner, this Chinatown locale always has a line out the door, mostly because nothing beats its delicious dumplings. My friends and I regularly show up here with 12 or more people and are seated within 15 minutes, which demonstrates just how accommodating this place is, something your parents will love, along with its hole-in-the-wall atmosphere.


Just a tip: try the Taiwanese Style Rice Cakes. They’re to die for.


Bonus! Noodle Street

I’m kidding, don’t take your parents here, unless they’re up for an authentic Terrier experience, but this place sure is fun and crazy, and their pad Thai is indeed superior to Nud Pob’s!