By Khalid AlSabhan


With finals only a week away, sometimes it feels like everything that isn’t studying (doing laundry, organizing your room, even getting a meal) is a waste of time. So, it’s only logical that the ever-resourceful college student turns to the only solution: multitasking. Although you can’t write an essay on your way to class across campus, you can while eating.


Here are a handful of places near campus where you can study while you snack.


Noodle Street: Noodle Street is pretty much Beijing Cafe if Beijing Cafe was actually good. Just like Beijing, it’s pretty cramped and claustrophobic — but the windows help a bit. The chairs and tables were wooden and pretty uncomfortable to work at. Their food was quite nice, a bit bland at times, but definitely edible. I’m not a huge fan of people adding stuff to coffee, but their Thai iced coffee was a pleasant surprise, and the spices gave it the kick I didn’t know I needed. Definitely a solid option if you live in or near Central Campus.


Trident Booksellers and Cafe: Trident reopened a few months ago after a fire earlier this year, but it’s nice to see that they still have that cozy bookstore atmosphere. It’s a chill place with decent food and coffee, but really, you’re going for the atmosphere.

Although it’s sometimes hard to justify getting there just to study — unless you had other stuff to do in Back Bay or were splurging on Newbury Street to cope with finals — it’s hard to get yourself there. But if you have the semester T pass, it’s good to get yourself off campus.


Neighborhoods Cafe: Neighborhoods had some really good food and even better coffee. It was a chill atmosphere, though I’d definitely bring a pair of headphones with me next time. It was a little cramped and not the comfiest, but the food is definitely worth it. Their Spanish coffee was incredible, their tuscan chicken crepe was hot and savory and their lemon and sugar crepe was like eating a sweet lemonade. It’s in Fenway, so it’s close by — I’d definitely give it a try if you live anywhere other than West Campus (and even then, the food alone is worth going there to try).


Life Alive: I was a bit hesitant of going to a vegan place, given my love for all things meat, but Life Alive was a pleasant surprise. It’s very spacious, and the whole storefront was windowed — which was a nice change from the cramped places I’d just been to. It also had a pretty chill atmosphere, and the chairs were the comfiest of any place so far. I tried one of their smoothies which was an experience to say the least (not good), however I tried the avocado sol, and I can’t recommend it enough. If you live in East or South Campus and are looking for a good salad place, I’d go to Sweetgreen, but if you want to sit down and focus on working, then Life Alive is definitely more suited for that.