By Karla Leon


It’s hard to believe that the semester is almost over. Three months have come and gone, and it has felt like both the shortest and longest span of time. It’s the homestretch, the last push until we get to feel that wintery bliss of a month free from school.


While many are excited to go back home, I’m mentally preparing myself to leave Boston. I have become so intertwined in the life I have here — the everyday sights, new places to explore, the quick walk to wherever I’m going and accessible transportation.


Three months ago, I would not have thought I would become so attached to Boston and BU. Miami has always been my home. But Boston has become my home away from home. Being at college has proven to me that maybe home isn’t a place, but a feeling. And if so, Boston encapsulates that feeling of being at home.


The idea that at any moment I could just hop on the T and go on an adventure is beyond exciting. But back home, where I’m a girl without a driver’s license and no access to easy public transportation, Uber is my only way out — and it’s not always the cheapest option.


It’s weird to imagine that not so long ago, I came here scared and unsure about the future. Everything seemed so new to me, and I had no idea how much three months could change me.


I got to experience a lot of firsts — first time seeing the change of the seasons, first snow, first snowball fight, first Christmas tree lighting, first time away from home, first trip to New York. Though it hasn’t been amazing all the time, it’s been full of precious memories.


Once I leave, I know I’ll miss all the trips with my friends to get food, getting to dress up in winter clothes, exploring the city and all its winter decorations and even the pepper jack mac ‘n’ cheese in the dining hall.


My first semester of college went by without any brakes — full speed ahead. I just wish the rest of the seven semesters left would slow down a bit and let me enjoy more of the ride.