By Mehr Gupta


1. I don’t have to be productive at 4 p.m.

When the sun sets, I, too, would like to shut off. The second it gets dark, my brain goes into sleep mode and productivity wilters away. I’d much rather sit in the warm comfort of my bed and watch a movie with my dog than be outside walking to class and meetings when it’s dark and cold outside.


2. I’m tired of the routine

Having to follow my class schedule and planned appointments and activities was fun for a couple months, but I’m ready for a change. I’m looking forward to take a break from the expected and take each day as it comes. And I can rest knowing I won’t be returning to the same schedule. 


3. I can swap textbooks for Netflix

While studying is important, I’d rather catch up on Christmas movies than missed lectures any day. Whether it’s rewatching classics such as “Home Alone” or “Love Actually,” or something new from Netflix, such as “The Princess Switch,” I am ready to focus on what really matters this holiday season.


4. It can finally start to feel festive

Nothing hinders the holiday season like back-to-back exams, but the moment they’re over is a jolly time indeed. Ice skating, sipping on eggnog, strolling through lit-up streets and listening to “All I Want For Christmas is You” on repeat feels so much better without the burden of academic responsibilities looming over your head.


5. I can reunite with my friends and family

What truly perfects the holiday season is the presence of loved ones, from near and far, finally reunited once again. The warmth of their presence is without a doubt the greatest present and makes the semester worth of missing them finally worth it.


6. Home food is the best food

Postmates, UberEats and my mediocre cooking skills: it’s been real, but goodbye for now. To say I’m excited for my mom’s home-cooked meals is an understatement. I can go across the world to a brand new city for college, but no meal will ever satisfy me like the love-filled recipes I grew up eating.


7. I can sleep in

…because the only day I enjoy waking up early is Christmas morning.