By Alia Al-Chalabi


Thanksgiving is a joyous time. You get to go home, see your family and your dog.


I have learned that the worst thing about break is spending the entire time studying, because your professors gave you two tests and three papers right when you get back. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable with Thanksgiving being so close to the end of the semester. So you may have to do some work.


Here’s how you can make it better and spend more time shopping and watching the parade and less some stressing:



1. Make a list of all your assignments for after break. It helps to see all your tests, papers and group projects laid out. Don’t let any surprises ruin the end of your semester, you already put in all the work.


2. See what material you learned and if making a study guide is possible. In some classes, the material is just the textbook. You might not be able to make a full study guide for the test that’s happening the Tuesday after break, but fill in as much as you can. Now you can just glance at your study guide on the plane instead of writing it at home.


3. Write all the papers that aren’t with a group now. You probably have some individual term papers or final projects you are fully prepared to write. Try to make a draft early, just so you can focus on the tests that are harder to get a head start on when you get back.








4. Talk to your professors to make sure your papers are on the right track. You probably haven’t talked too much with your class about papers if you’re getting such a head start. That’s OK, because your classmates don’t realize how close December is to the end of Thanksgiving. Doing it now means you need to talk to your professor quickly to make sure your idea is on the right track, so you don’t need to redo it after break.




5. See if you are allowed to submit assignments early. There’s nothing as relieving as being able to hit submit and forget about it. See if some of your professors will let you do this before Thanksgiving.




6. Pack over time. Thanksgiving break isn’t long. Spend a few minutes the night or two before putting clothes in your carry on just to feel prepared, then make a list of toiletries and pack those day of. Now one more thing is off your checklist.




7. Be excited you’re going home! Don’t let the stress of turning everything in keep you from actually enjoying your break. This should be an actual break. Take your chances and embrace your excitement.



There’s nothing like the pre-finals rush to get grades in, just make sure that you can put your feet up and take a nap instead of freaking out right now. Always freak out early, it’s better, trust me.