By Haley Chi-Sing


November: known by some as Movember and by many as the month of Thanksgiving and a hop and a skip away from holiday break. While all this is true, I think I can speak for most when I say that we can get somewhat carried away with all of the holiday bustle and forget what November really represents — thankfulness.


This past weekend, I was blessed with a visit from my family. Although I had forgotten how dysfunctional we were all together, it was a necessary reality check to remind me everything I’ve made at college can slip away, but my family will always be with me.


I should be grateful for the opportunity I’m having to attend a school like Boston University and have a family like my own and remind myself to focus on what I have been given now, rather than mull over what I wish I had or could do.


What I have now and what is happening now is more than enough.


Worrying and thinking about what we lack or what is to come is pointless. We can’t control or determine any of it. All we know is now – take advantage of it.


Do you remember those days as a kid when nothing seemed to phase you? Tomorrow didn’t matter, yesterday didn’t matter, and the years to come didn’t even make the top 10. All you knew was what was going on right there before you. And, at that moment in time, that was enough. It was all enough.


On some occasions, I wish I could go back to those days. I try to remember what I must’ve been wracking my brain over, and I just can’t seem to remember. And then I realize how insignificant my worries, problems and concerns really are.


Back then, I must have felt that my concerns were the worst things to ever happen to me. They obviously weren’t because… I’m still here. So, why is it that I can’t do that now? There’s nothing stopping me, there’s nothing stopping me from being happy. Just me standing in my own way.


One day, I’ll think back to moments like today and wonder exactly what I’m wondering now — what was I worried about when I was 18? And, to be honest, I don’t think I’ll remember just like how I can’t remember now.


So, I don’t think I should worry or be anxious. Because, in comparison to everything and everyone around me, my worries are just a couple of drops in an ocean filled with such extraordinary things.


It’s important to be thankful for every single moment as it passes us by.