By Lori Mouradian


This is Lori’s Look, where I, a broke college student, share my advice and experiences on fashion and style with other broke college students. There are many quotes to live by, but my go-to is, “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.”


Last week’s Lori’s Look covered my unforgettable and unfortunate experience online shopping at Fashion Nova, to debrief: don’t do it.  


This week, I wanted to cover another controversial clothing brand: Brandy Melville. Some love it, some hate it.


Personally, I find that there is a lot to love about Brandy. Right when you walk in, you see four clearly defined sections of the store. The light colors appear on the right, the dark colors on the left, and in the back we have the accessory and bag sections. What? I like organization, sorry.  


I have loved Brandy Melville since I started shopping there at 12 years old. However, I recognize that a lot of people don’t like Brandy Melville for two big reasons.


The first one, and less controversial, being that it’s just too simple. All they do is sell tank tops, tube tops and “New York Girl” stickers. I do agree that they stick to the basics, but I also think that we need to have a store that sells really simple things — because a lot of the time it’s what we’re looking for.


I couldn’t name all the times I heard a friend say, “I went to Brandy because I needed to get a black tube top.” It might be simple, but it’s also a necessity for when you need it. They also have added some variety with bicycle shorts, graphic tees and puffy jackets for the Boston weather. So I would say they have gotten a little bit more creative recently.


The other flaw about Brandy, and this one is more significant, is their “one size fits all” motto. Because let me tell you, one size does not fit all. At all.


This really used to upset me when I was younger. I always wanted Brandy Melville jeans and joggers, but they are truly only designed for one type of girl — they would look too tight and weird on me.


But instead of staying upset, I just realized that not everything will fit my body type. I started looking for jeans and joggers at other stores, *cough cough* Champion, Topshop and Marshalls.


Despite their questionable sizing ethics, I always go back to Brandy Melville for other things. I think what I like about Brandy the most is that even though their clothes are simple, their vibe is very vintage and ‘90s — who doesn’t love that?