By Haley Chi-Sing


Although it’s November and I am halfway through my first semester of college, I still feel as if I have the “freshman” sticker stamped on my forehead. I get lost sometimes, I have no idea how the BU Hub works, and I don’t think I understand college grading systems yet.


Of course, with time, I’ll become accustomed and learn, but for now, I’m still foggy. So, I decided to compile a list (because why not?) of the top Boston University freshman struggles.


1. Again, the Hub?

I had no idea what the Hub was going into orientation back in June. And somehow, it is now November, my registration date is this weekend, and I still don’t know or understand the Hub completely.


Honestly, all I know is we don’t have to take general education classes. But, at the same time, we do. Is that a good enough understanding?


2. Evidently there are BU campuses that don’t include East or West.

I hear rumors of, “Oh, the Fenway Campus,” and, “Oh, the Medical Campus,” and to be honest, I hadn’t really thought much of it. I genuinely thought the East side of campus was the Fenway Campus, and, well, the Medical Campus never really concerned me.


Apparently, the Fenway Campus is indeed not East Campus, and the medical one is basically on the other side of the city. This entire time, I thought all of BU was situated on Commonwealth Avenue, and it has only recently been brought to my attention by my dear friends (who mocked me a bit during the process) that no, this is not all of BU.


3. How expensive groceries actually are.

When I would go grocery shopping with my mom, I would throw in anything that seemed slightly interesting or that I “might want to try.” As I got a little older, I would check the prices and whatnot, but for the most part, groceries just didn’t make the top of my priorities list. And boy, do I regret it now.


I honestly don’t know how many coupon and discount apps I have on my phone, but I definitely can’t count them all on one hand. If it wasn’t for the discounts/coupons and the dining hall, I think I would rather starve than spend $5 on a bag of pretzels at Target.


4. How driving wasn’t actually a pain back in high school.

To be fair, I loved driving. It would be my personal time where I got to think about my day and where I could blast music and sing as loudly as I wanted without anyone judging me. But as the oldest in the family, I was also responsible for driving my siblings around — school, swim practice, play dates, musical theatre rehearsals, etc.


And, while I mostly didn’t mind, it still felt like a burden. Now living in a city, I realize how it really wasn’t that bad.


I just wish I had my car to drive around. That’s really it.


5. Vitamins actually work.

I think I can speak for many when I say that gummy vitamins are one of the most addicting things ever. They are essentially candy. But, unfortunately, those aren’t the vitamins I’m referring to. I’m talking about the pill-form vitamins that we were all too lazy to take in the mornings growing up.


Well, boy, do I wish I had those vitamins now — as the entire BU student population developed the plague a couple of weeks ago. Luckily enough, I didn’t get sick because of my parents nagging to go buy my vitamins (which are terribly expensive, by the way). I honestly think I went through three vitamin C jars in two weeks alone. But it worked!


6. How I should have been grateful for my mom and her enormous medicine cabinet.

I do think that when I get sick for the first time, I’ll be able to take care of myself. But, honestly who knows.


Growing up, our moms would just give us a random cough or cold medicine that would slowly, but surely, make us feel better. But what brand was it? What type? How much did it cost? Who cared. We were feeling better, and we didn’t need to worry about it.


But now, most of us have to call our moms with cold sweats in our dorms asking if Tylenol or Dayquil will take away our scratchy throats and coughs.


Bottom line? Appreciate your mom.