By Haley Chi-Sing


For decades, romantic comedies have held a special place in our hearts. Despite the dozens of romantic comedies released every year, only a few have gone down in history as “classics.” Each “Love at First Sight” will highlight a classic romantic comedy, picking out a few important lessons it conveys and how they apply to all of our lives.


There’s something about watching a Tom Cruise film that makes you both nostalgic and satisfied once you’ve finished it. And let me tell you, “Jerry Maguire” is no different.


Winning several awards, “Jerry Maguire” has gone down in history as a must-see classic. Not only did it coin a handful of sayings — including “Show me the money,” “Help me, help you” and “You had me at hello.” The classic Cruise film is filled to the brim with simple yet complicated life truths and realities.

“Jerry Maguire” is cruelly realistic but beautifully true. The film journeys along some of life’s most painful throws while indulging in life’s most precious triumphs. The film is so realistic, it hits home in the oddest of ways that, funnily enough, makes you appreciate life even more.


Don’t lose faith, even through downfalls

Jerry woke up restless, in the middle of the night, completely lost. He knew something was wrong in his surface-level, picture-perfect life and career. But what it was? He couldn’t say, until he sat down at his computer at 4 a.m. and wrote out his “mission statement.”


It was then that he realized how corrupt the sports agency industry was and how he no longer could be a part of it. Jerry prints hundreds of copies of his mission statement and sends them out to his office, which eventually gets him fired.


The entire film tracks Jerry and his failed attempts and joyous successes as he works to build his own company and brand from the ground up.


Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding Jr.), his one and only client, and Dorothy Boyd (Renée Zellweger), his old accountant, are the only two people who stick by him as he breaks away from the company. And, despite his incredible falls and trips along the way, all three stuck to it. They believed this company would pull through.


Sometimes, all you really need is faith. That’s it. It doesn’t seem like anything extravagant or big, but in certain situations, that’s the only thing missing from being at the bottom to the top.


Always have a Plan B

At the beginning of the film, it almost seems as if Jerry Maguire can do no wrong. He is one of, if not the, most successful sports agents in the industry. He is happily engaged, and everybody loves him.


After sending out his infamous mission statement, in which he blatantly writes and speaks out against his company’s goals, Jerry is fired and sent out to the street with nothing but his briefcase, a goldfish and his accountant, Dorothy.


It seems as if his world could end right there and then, and it wouldn’t faze him. Jerry just lost everything he had ever worked for in a span of a couple of hours. He was now completely, entirely alone.


Jerry didn’t see this coming, nobody ever does. Although we think we prepare ourselves for the dire times that lie ahead, we really don’t. If there’s anything you should take away from “Jerry Maguire,” it’s that there is always a Plan B.


You’ll never know when you’ll need it, but it’s better to know you have a way out when it seems you’ve been caged in.


Tough times are inevitable

Jerry was living his best life, and it seemed like nothing could go wrong. But did he really think life would be that perfect forever? He obviously did, and it was that mentality that got him into trouble.


It’s dangerous to go through life with an air of sophistication, believing everything will go on as perfect and as they’ve dreamed. That’s just not how life works. Period.


There will be rough patches along the way that are completely, 100 percent inevitable. And the only way to get past them is to go through them. Not around them, but straight on.


Of course, I’m not saying you should abandon your optimistic perspective on life. Because, life is pretty precious if you think about it. But be realistic. Be prepared for the tough times that may sneak up on you while never forgetting to live and appreciate the beautiful moments that are now.