By Moriah Comarcho-Mikhail


After Brother Nature was “canceled” recently on Twitter, I felt this cultural phenomenon needed to be addressed. Many celebrities, once loved on Twitter, will have their controversial pasts “exposed” by age old tweets.


Brother Nature knows this first hand. Now, while I agree his old tweets were problematic, I think we should remember he made those comments in 2012, and he is now only 20 years old. While his jokes were unfortunate, they were the kind of humor an immature 12-year-old would find funny and mean no harm by. I think Brother Nature’s biggest crime was having Twitter at such a young age.


When we judge someone by their unfortunate former self, we neglect to recognize their growth and force ourselves to be held to the same standard. We then can, at any moment, be measured and reduced to our past.


It’s like reminding someone of their goth phase or bullying stage in pre-school — it’s pointless and should be forgotten. We should judge people by their behavior now.


And that being said, here is a list of a few people Twitter has justifiably canceled in 2018, for their very present controversies.



Kanye West

Honestly, he’s been on his way out for a while now.


After telling TMZ in reference to slavery “For 400 years, that sounds like a choice” and making other ignorant comments, Kanye has been officially canceled until further notice. On top of many controversies, Kanye has gone as far as to publicly endorse President Donald Trump. Recently, he was even invited to the White House, a meeting that birthed many memes and SNL jokes. A suggestion I would make to Kanye is: make your music great again.


James Charles

In my opinion, James Charles is consistently problematic, unoriginal and only hyped up because he’s a male doing makeup — misogyny maybe? That’s tea for another day.


The only thing he’s original about are his incredibly racist Tweets. Not too long ago, in 2017, he tweeted a conversation that he’d had, “‘I can’t believe we’re going to Africa today omg what if we get Ebola?” “James we’re fine we could’ve gotten it at chipotle last year’ ….🙃”


James received strong reactions to this tweet, with some coming to his defense but many deeming him among those canceled.


He neglected the continent’s many rich and diverse cultures and people, only associating the ENTIRE continent with a disease. Pretty hard to deny the racism.


Sabrina Claudio

I wasn’t even aware of this cancelation until browsing around for this article. But Sabrina really cancelled herself with some (you guessed it) racist tweets.


Her account and the tweets have since been deleted, but the internet has an unforgiving memory. Apparently, the Cuban singer made some unacceptable comments — body shaming black women without curves and repeatedly used the N-word.


These “old” tweets were conjured up by Black Twitter, but more recently, the singer admitted to having made a troll Twitter account dedicated to bashing black women. She issued the same tired “sorry for being racist” apology after getting caught, but it didn’t do much for her career.