By Krystle Boyajian


For the past couple weeks, I have been scouring Yelp to find restaurants in Boston with amazing mac and cheese. With the help of my boyfriend and fellow mac and cheese lover, Matt, I will soon find the best mac and cheese the city has to offer.  


This weekend, the Boston Cheese Party went back onto the streets of Boston to hunt for the best mac ‘n’ cheese in the city. We ordered mac ‘n’ cheese from The Breakfast Club in Allston.  They didn’t have a specialty option, but the chicken and waffles that we ordered additionally were delicious.


And if you don’t know the rules, here’s a recap.


Rules: We will order two mac ‘n’ cheeses at each restaurant, one plain and one specialty (if possible). Each order will be rated in five categories: first impression, cheesiness, creaminess, size and specialty. The first four categories will be for the plain mac ‘n’ cheese, while the specialty category will be for the specialty mac ‘n’ cheese. The restaurant with the highest overall score will be the winner.



Location: 270 Western Ave., Allston


  • Mac’ & Cheese Entree – $7.99


  • First impression: 6/10
  • Cheesiness: 4.5/10
  • Creaminess: 3/10
  • Size: 2/10


We ordered from The Breakfast Club for brunch Saturday morning from Uber Eats, and their mac ‘n’ cheese was a great opportunity to continue the Boston Cheese Party search.


However, it was not a chart topper mac. The worst part of the mac ‘n’ cheese was the portion size as you can see it rated only 2 out of 10. We ordered an entree portion, but it was still incredibly small. For an entree, we expected a larger portion than the cup of macaroni that we got.


The flavor of the mac ‘n’ cheese was great, but the creaminess left much to be desired. We agreed that the mac had the flavor of cheese, but was smoother and less creamy than the typical mac ‘n’ cheese. It definitely could have used more cheese to give a better, creamier texture. It also had sparse breadcrumbs mixed in which were not listed on the menu and there were not enough to seem entirely intentional.


Overall we gave The Breakfast Club mac ‘n’ cheese a 3.9 out of 10, putting it solidly in last place for the Boston Cheese Party.


After getting mac ‘n’ cheese from three different restaurants the standings are…

  1. Mmmac n’ Cheese
  2. Devlin’s
  3. The Breakfast Club