By Karla Leon


Every month a new wave of memes rise from the dark depths of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and beyond.


Some of them are questionable. Some of them are weird. Some of them are so complex that it takes some explaining to understand.


The culture of memes has built a connection within our generation. As we bond over our incredible, if childish, collective sense of humor. It could be said that memes are unique way of expressing ourselves and relating to things words merely cannot convey. If there’s any sort of legacy our generation has left behind, well, we can at least say we galvanized a meme revolution that has shaped how we as a society respond to and cope with certain things.


Without further ado, here are five of the top memes of October.


The lamp and moth meme

Personally, I didn’t quite get why this was a thing at first. But let me tell you, this one grows on you. Suddenly you’ll find yourself up at 3 a.m., scrolling through Twitter and laughing to memes about moths and their well-known attraction to light. This meme originated from a viral Tweet, later multiplying into numerous popular memes. Something this meme has made certain is: anything is up for grabs in the culture of memes, even moths.


Weird flex but ok

This phrase is just another addition to Twitter culture and slang, among many others. It was originally used when someone bragged about something that doesn’t seem worth bragging about. It has now expanded to being a common phrase and popular Instagram caption.


Lady Gaga’s 2012 gibberish tweet

Twitter has a tendency to dig up people’s pasts tweets and make it a thing. This is one of them. Lady Gaga’s “AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHRHRGRGRGRRRGURBHJB EORWPSOJWPJORGWOIRGWSGODEWPGOHEPW09GJEDPOKSD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!0924QU8T63095JRGHWPE09UJ0PWHRGW” is just so relatable, not because it means anything specifically but because it can be applied to many situations in our lives — most impressively as the tail end of a “What’s your wifi password?” joke.


Stressed out? Excited? Nervous? A combination of all three? Just [Insert Gaga meme] and then it miraculously encapsulates what logical, coherent, rational words simply cannot.


The two minute walk meme

This meme describes the current situation of many of us, when we’re so close yet so far. Whether it describes our current emotions, our tendency to give up on what we’ve promised ourselves or even where to get a copy of The Daily Free Press. This is another gem that has surfaced from Twitter and keeps on pumping out new and relatable situations.


And honorable mention goes to: let’s get this bread meme

This phrase has been used, tweeted, retweeted and made into memes so many times you could compile a solid list of “let’s get this bread” tweets that are even funnier than they are motivating. It’s a meme that first started as a mock for “the hustle,” but has now evolved to being about the waning motivation of wanting to “get this bread.”