By Khalid AlSabhan


Welcome to K’s Case, where the all-too fussy Khalid (that’s me!) brings down divine judgement upon places that have a certain standing in people’s minds. In other words, I go to supposedly really good, or bad, college joints and myth-bust their reputation. Case closed.


What do you get when you mix the two meltiest cheesy foods known to man? Why, T. Anthony’s mozzarella stick pizza of course!

We’ll be going over the good, the bad and the ugly of T. Anthony’s mozzarella goodness. At the end, we’ll come to a verdict on if it’s really as good as the streets say.


A pizza with bits of mozzarella sticks over it sounds amazing, but what I got at T. Anthony’s was something else. When you open the box, all your senses are immediately overpowered by the cheesy goodness of the pizza, and it looks the part too.


But that cheesy goodness isn’t as good as it might look (and smell). For one, both the pizza and the mozzarella sticks used — you guessed it — mozzarella. Not being able to tell the difference between the pizza’s cheese and the sticks’ cheese was disappointing. It tasted just like a normal cheese pizza with bits of fried dough here and there.


I also faced a problem that kind of ruined the melty cheese experience. The pizza was served hot. Very hot. So hot that when you picked it up, all the cheese and mozzarella sticks would just slide off the top, leaving the pizza-eater with a pile of cheese, a naked slice of pizza and a very, very sad face.


And it’s not like taking the pizza home and saving it for a midnight snack was much better. Like all pizza, it tasted good cold. But, every other bite had a piece of cold mozzarella stick. Not nice. Not nice at all.



You can’t put a price on happiness, but you can put a price on pizza — which is basically the same thing. And man, was this pizza expensive. I was forewarned about it, but more than $20 for a 12-inch pizza is outrageous. Especially when you could walk five minutes down Commonwealth Avenue and have the clearly better four-cheese pizza at Otto’s for the same price, with nearly twice as much pizza!



As a pizza, it wasn’t terrible, but it was just so disappointing because it led you to believe it was so much more.


So, is T. Anthony’s famous pizza worth it’s reputation? Verdict is…



Case Closed.