By Alia Al-Chalabi


In the midst of midterm season, I always forget to eat meals. But with enough snacks, I’ve found that I can function pretty well. Snacks easily accessible on campus are always the best option. If you have a meal plan, your dining points can mostly keep you sustained. If your answer to the question, “What did you eat for dinner today?” is often guilt-inducing, then keep reading.



  • Sea salt caramels: I love chocolate, and sea salt caramels are an out-of-body experience when you’re hungry. The salt is your daily sodium for the day, which is super nutritious, and they say that chocolate is good for your health! If you eat a whole container of these in one sitting, then you did it right.




  • 100 Grand bars: Now I’m not recommending this as a decadent dish, but if you are in a rush and need to make it through a three-hour night class, chocolate will make you less hungry. 100 Grand Bars are simply the most underrated candy bar. They’re crunchy, sweet and filled with caramel — the perfect combination. Most of the time they’re only a dollar and will help you power through your night until you can get to real food.




  • Dill pickle chips: Why settle for regular chips when you can just eat things that taste like a pickle? The dill pickle chips I got are also super thin, so you can feel free to eat a family sized bag and not feel guilty at all.




  • Actual pickles: My favorite snack of all time is pickles. Dill are always the best, but the sweet butter chips are amazing if you just want to passively snack. Sure, some people might think it’s weird to eat a whole jar of pickles, but don’t worry about it. You can also try the mini bags of pickles that are sold in CityCo.




  • Canned soup: Is this a snack? Not really. But it is available at Buick Street, and it’s super comforting on a rainy day. If you’re anything like me, you will always get stuck in the downpour that lasts 45 seconds, soak through your pants, ruin a notebook and just want to take a shower. For these times, soup is needed.




  • Sour candy: Sour candy of any kind is my secret addiction, just don’t tell my mom. Anything that will make my mouth pucker is the best kind of candy. Seeing how many you can eat before your mouth burns is a solid procrastination challenge.



All of these options are great when you’re on a dining points budget or have night classes that simply ignore the concept of dinner. Now, nutritious and balanced meals are important most of the time, but sometimes, you just need some reliable snacks to get you through the day.