By Alana Doctoroff


Even though I have been on campus for just a few weeks, the work has quickly piled up. Aside from stress and exhaustion, one result of the hours of homework each night is having to find a place to work that allows you to focus and actually be productive.


If you are lucky, the first place you go will fulfill all your needs. But, if you are like me, you will have to try out many places before you find a few locations that actually allow you to get some work done.


Here are a few popular study areas on campus, and what I thought of them, from worst to best.


4) Dorm: I quickly learned within the first week of school that studying in my dorm is a big no-no for me. Here, there are more distractions than anywhere else. Instead of actually doing my work, I would find myself eating snacks, watching Netflix or just quickly dozing off. On top of the fact that I had immediate access to my comfortable bed, which restricts my productivity, I also live right next to Nickerson Field. Hence, there are always sports practices or marching bad practices going on. The sound is so distracting that I never got anything done. I can almost guarantee, unless you have superhuman self-control, studying in your room will not be a successful endeavor.


3) Mugar Library: Although the library is a common place for students to meet and study, I find that I do not like to do work there. For some reason, the bland colors that the library is “decorated” with are depressing, and ultimately, a bad work space. Also, as a student that lives on West Campus, getting to Mugar is always a hike. So overall, with the combination of distance and decor, Mugar was quickly crossed off my list of good places to study.


2) StuVi2: During the second week of school, when the tests and paper due date were right around the corner, I went to Student Village 2 to try and get some work done. And to my surprise, I was actually very productive. Instead of the beautiful-but-distracting top floor study spot, try the second floor of this residence. There is a room with desks and dividers, along with individual rooms for people to do group projects without distracting the rest of the students. It is an open space, filled with bright colors and is most of the time very quiet and easy to focus. I would definitely recommend the second floor of StuVi2 to any West Campus resident.


1) Questrom School of Business Library: Although this library is on the opposite side of campus from where I live, I often find myself doing work in the business school library. Almost every day I have two hour gaps between my classes, so discovering this work space made a huge difference. Questrom has bright colors and a variety of desks and chairs to work in. It is the perfect place for group and individual work. There are both big tables and comfortable chairs so that every student, whether they are in Questrom or not, can find the perfect study spot.