By Haley Chi-Sing


“You haven’t seen ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’?” and “‘Sierra Burgess Is a Loser’ is amazing. You have to watch it,” are the two phrases that have been circulating my personal sphere the past couple of weeks. I took it upon myself to sit down and watch the two most talked-about romantic comedies at the moment and, to be quite honest, I couldn’t quite fall in love with either (pun intended).


With that said, romantic comedies are my favorite types of films. So, I’d rather talk about a rom-com that I see great value in.


I like to think that others enjoy romantic comedies for the same reasons I do: the characters are extremely welcoming and their personalities usually have relatable depth, they make real-life scenarios quite comical and everyone has something we can learn and implement in our own lives.


The most loved and popular romantic comedies are not the most loved and popular for any particular reason — they are timeless, they are classics, decades will go on and people around the world will continue to be able to see some part of themselves in it.


Here are five lessons I’ve learned from one of the classics, “Pretty in Pink.”


1. No matter the circumstances, we will end up with the person we are destined to end up with

It would be an understatement to say that Andie and Blane went through some rough patches in their relationship. Not to mention, practically the entire school was against them from the start because they didn’t fit the social norms of what a “typical high school relationship” was supposed to look like.


The beauty of their relationship was that they came from completely different backgrounds and upbringings, but it never mattered. Blane saw something beautiful and unique in Andie which he had never truly seen or experienced before. Despite all of their obstacles and hardships, they ended up together because it was truly written in the stars.


When it comes down to it, we have nothing to worry about other than what happens today. I believe each and every person is destined to end up with one particular individual – it has been planned for ages. Who it is? We don’t know. But we do have the certainty it will be someone extraordinary.


2. You don’t have to go out looking for love. It will eventually find its way to you

Yes, Andie’s prom was just a couple of days away. And yes, she felt pressured to find a date. But that was never truly something that kept her awake at night. She was completely happy with where she was at that moment in her life. She was a good student, had a roof over her head, had a reliable best friend and a father who loved her unconditionally.


The point is, Andie never tried to list or number every single thing she was missing in her life. Instead, she was grateful for what she already had, which is exactly why she eventually found Blane.


When we don’t go out looking for what we’re missing or longing for, it comes all on its own. And, it usually happens sooner than we expected. Let love take you by surprise, it’s better that way.


3. Never forget those who were with you from the start

It’s clear from the beginning that Duckie loves Andie. Not just in the regular friend way, he makes it clear to Andie’s father that he is willing to put down everything he has for her happiness.


Many, if placed in Andie’s shoes, would try to push Duckie away out of embarrassment or impatience. But Andie didn’t do that. She kept him by her side the whole time, even through her relationship with Blane. She didn’t leave Duckie for Blane or even replace him. She kept him close because he loved her before anyone else did.


We can’t ever forget those who were with us from the beginning just because we’ve moved onto another chapter in our lives. If anything, we should bring them with us, because they were the ones who helped us get to where we are. 


4. Sometimes, you just have to go with what your heart is telling you

While we’re on the subject of Duckie, we can’t forget that he was extremely vocal about his disapproval of Andie and Blane’s relationship from the beginning. He went on and on about how much of a fraud he thought Blane was and how unworthy he was of Andie.


Although Duckie was Andie’s best friend, she didn’t let his words faze her. Did it probably hurt that these comments were coming from her best friend? Yes. But, something deep down inside her knew that she was right. Andie went with what her heart was telling her and ended up down the right path.


It is inevitable that life will hand you a few difficult decisions. You will frantically look for answers and advice all around you, especially from those you hold dearest. But, you can’t forget that the only person who truly knows your best interests is yourself.


5. Don’t ever let them think they won

Like many other story plots, the protagonist, in this case Andie, falls to her lowest point nearing the end of the story. Thanks to some good sabotaging from one of Blane’s friends, Andie and Blane break up right before prom.


At that moment, Andie was faced with two decisions — stay home or go to prom. She could have stayed home, but she knew it wasn’t the right decision for herself. Yes, she had been knocked down by her classmates. But staying home would have only allowed them to triumph and celebrate their victory.


By going to her prom, Andie proved she was much more than what her classmates thought she was. She wasn’t just the freaky smart girl from class or Blane’s ex-girlfriend or Duckie’s best friend. She was Andie, and if they thought they knew who she was before, they were mistaken.


Although lying low is much easier than standing up, we have to protect our own dignity. If someone is willing to hurt you that much, they don’t deserve to win. You should be the one that walks away in triumph.