By Emma Kopelowicz


This weekend I barely moved from my dorm, and it was wonderful.


I have been consistently sprinting since I arrived at Boston University. Life as a freshman feels like it’s moving at 1,000 miles per hour.

Every day here feels like a new eternity. I bounce between classes, club meetings, socializing and, oh yeah, sleeping when I get the chance. The college “grind” truly never stops. Despite my aversion to that term, it’s the only way to properly describe the way life works around here.


Once I finally push through the week and cross the finish line, I feel a brief sense of relief before realizing that it doesn’t stop there. The weekend presents its own set of hurdles that I have to long jump and triple flip over (clearly, I know nothing about track and field).

By the time I reach those supposedly “relaxing” two days at the end of the week, I am beyond tired. And yet, somehow everyone else around me manages to rile themselves up enough to shut their planners, put on cute outfits and leave behind all the traces of stress and exhaustion that piled up on top of them throughout the week.


Meanwhile, I’m sitting on the sidelines huffing, puffing and telling everyone to wait up.

This weekend I decided to break the cycle of feeling burnt out. I made the conscious decision to stay in Friday night to watch some “BoJack Horseman” and hang out with friends, who also decided to take a break from the social frenzy. I went to bed at a decent hour, and I woke up a whole eight hours later the next morning. For the first time in my three weeks of college life, I felt well-rested.


I spent all of Saturday doing homework and laundry. I was so proud of my productivity that I decided to reward myself with another chill night in. My dad was in town for the weekend, so we grabbed some dinner together. When I got home at 10:30 p.m., West Campus was bustling with its usual hoards of underclassmen. All were waiting for Ubers to whisk them away to unknown addresses, promising them a night of good times and distraction from the harsh reality of the next week. With this in mind, I didn’t feel a single bit of FOMO.

I don’t mean to sound so cynical. I’m not that person who never wants to leave her dorm and is already over the whole “going out” thing. Sometimes, I just need a second to take a breather and recharge. Which is, to me at least, perfectly normal.


College is obviously a time for exploration, but it’s also a lesson in learning to make time for yourself. When I got to campus I, was convinced that I needed to go out every weekend to take advantage of every potential adventure awaiting me, but as it turns out, what I really needed was time to decompress and a good eight hours of sleep.


Don’t worry, I won’t always stay holed up in my room, no matter how cute and cozy it is. I now know what’s out there, and if I feel like joining in on all of the crazy then I can chose to do that.  


If you don’t see me in Allston this weekend, don’t be surprised. I’ll probably be at movie night instead.