By Alex del Tufo


Sometimes, it’s just fun to start a little controversy. I find myself more often than not being the one in a discussion about television, politics, life, etc., defending myself. So I’m embracing my oppositional nature and compiling a list of five opinions I have that I believe a majority of the population I surround myself with would disagree with. These fluctuate in depth drastically, so prepare yourself for some whiplash.


  • Pineapple does, in fact, belong on pizza. I can say this with a strong backing as a person who self-identifies as being allergic to pineapple. Every time I eat it, the roof of my mouth starts to burn and itch aggressively. And yet, I still support this movement. Despite the negative side effects I encounter, I love pineapple. I drink piña coladas and Bahama Mamas, and I suffer through the pain because it’s worth it. I suffer through this pain all in the name of pineapple, a fruit that deserves to be welcomed atop a pizza — with ham, or without.
  • Saturday Night Live is very simply, awful. I am somewhat convinced that the popularity of this show is a conspiracy. Every time SNL comes up in conversation, I ask “So you really find this funny?” The response is almost always along the lines of, “Yeah, I know it’s bad, but I still like it.” It’s often more eloquently put, but that’s the general idea. Every time I watch a “hilarious” clip on Facebook or somewhere in the depths of YouTube, I make it through without so much as a smirk. It’s always awkward and not usually in the entertaining way, just the really freaking awkward way. The defense I’ve heard is, “But it’s live.” So yeah, it’s live and that’s hard, but if I’ve seen college improv shows (shoutout to Liquid Fun) that can make me laugh harder, I have no sympathy.
  • The far left is just as toxic as the far right, in a different way. This got really political, really fast, I know. And this is one hot take at a school like BU. I’m just as democratic and anti-Trump as the next typical New England student. But I think we need to put a little more pressure back on ourselves. I’m not saying, gun to my head, I would pick the far right over the far left. Because I wouldn’t. I agree with the policies and mindset of the liberal ideology far more than I do the conservative. The conservative ideology has viewpoints I find close-minded and often utterly disgraceful. But the flip-side extreme opposition to conservatism, the “shield everyone and everything from judgement and pain” ideology is ineffective and makes it harder to converse with people with opposing views. How can liberals be taken seriously as leaders of change and progress when we’re stuck swirling around in the same conversation about identity, trying not to offend one another. The power cannot be handed to the left until we’re ready to get a little dirty and break free of some of the cautionary binds we’ve placed on ourselves.
  • Hamburgers are the worst food. To be honest, I don’t have a lot of substantial backing for this, I just really hate them. I feel like I’m on the outside of a nationwide secret. Hamburgers are assumed to be a universally liked food, but to me, they are physically impossible to consume. The smell alone makes my stomach turn and the few times I’ve tried to eat one, I’ve immediately spit it back out. This has nothing to do with the “red meat is bad for you” or cows are cute thing, I just genuinely hate hamburgers, so much.
  • Life is long. “Life is short, so enjoy it to the fullest,” “Live fast, die young,” etc. etc. I’m not sure how people can say something is short when it’s the longest thing any human has ever experienced. Sure, in the grand scheme of the universe, the human life is short. But bottom line, we have time. Some people change careers seven times or have kids 15 years apart or go back to school when they’re 60. I don’t like the idea that when one “fleeting moment” is gone you can’t move backward or slow down or stop altogether. Life is the longest thing you’ll ever experience, take your time.