By Alex del Tufo


Freshman year: This is the year to be fascinated. It’s truly incredible that every person you meet didn’t grow up in the same hometown as you, let alone the same country. You can’t believe that there are new restaurants and museums and events to explore every weekend in the city. And it’s truly so magical that BU has so many different activities for every sort of person. You’re trying to figure out what you want “to be” and what you want “to do,” and clubs are the perfect place to start.


My freshman year I pulled the classic “over-involved freshman” move. I had just finished FYSOP where I had learned about mass incarceration during my first week of college and wanted to stay involved with volunteering. So I joined Empowerment League and did a book club with incarcerated people once a week in a prison outside the city. Although it was only an hourlong program, it took almost two additional hours to travel to and from the location. As a journalism major, I, of course, joined The Daily Free Press. I wrote as a features writer and rarely missed pitch meetings. I tried out a show called “COED” on BUTV10, joined an unofficial BU vegetarian club and did more that I’m probably forgetting. I soon realized I hated film production and hated being vegetarian.


Sophomore year: By the start of my sophomore year, you’d think I would have learned, but I really just changed what I was hyper-involving myself in. I had a new position at the FreeP and continued with Empowerment League, but I decided to throw a 20+ hour a week job on top of it. Oh, and DJ a 6 a.m. radio show.


First semester sophomore year was a quick decline into realizing I was not capable of everything on my plate and ended with abruptly quitting my job. I was then able to better balance the commitments that I had made and was really enjoying most of them. I was able to fulfill my volunteer interests through Empowerment League, explore a future in radio through WTBU and continue with reporting. It turned out to be a good assortment of activities for me — I was finally figuring it out.


Junior year: Junior year I put all my eggs in one basket and got a position on the E-board for FreeP as — you could probably guess — blog editor! The FreeP had always been my favorite club experience, and I was looking forward to becoming more involved. With this position, however, I am no longer involved with WTBU or Empowerment League and it takes up a good deal of my free time. But the newsroom experience and entertainment from fellow E-board members makes a semester of putting everything else aside worth it.


Senior year: Because I’m currently a junior, I have no idea what senior year will be like in terms of involvement. I see many seniors stepping back from leading rolls and easing out of their time at college, while others take the lead as mentors in their extracurriculars. I hope that by my senior year, I will have narrowed down what I care about and can step back to be low-commitment, senior-style involved with the many things I care about on campus.