By Haley Chi-Sing


My first week of college ended on Friday the 7th, several minutes early thanks to my generous COM CO 101 TA. To be honest, it wasn’t as terribly nerve-racking as I made it out to be. But, boy, am I a small fish in a big pond.


As I sat in an auditorium of 300 students, all as lost as me (maybe even more so), I realized one thing, obvious as it could be — no one knows me. Nobody. Yes, I am aware that sounds slightly odd, but let me continue.


How insane is that? Although we all started high school and middle school not “knowing anybody,” let’s be real — we all knew at least one person. We’d probably shadowed them or seen them in the office or got together because of our moms. But, point is, I think I can confidently say that none of us have been in a place where we were complete strangers to everybody around us.


If you think about it, there can be a certain element of power within yourself when nobody knows you. You have, at that very moment, the chance to completely reshape who you are. You could have been the shy person who rarely went up to talk to anyone in high school or even the star athlete, but to be completely honest, nobody cares now.


This may work in your favor or it may not, but the truth is nobody cares. Why? Because the people here are here because they want to achieve their goals. They really don’t care what you were like four years ago or even a couple of months ago. They only care about the persona you present at this very moment, as it may define who you are throughout college and beyond.


I firmly believe that over the years, I’ve grown more and more into my personality. So much so that I went into my first class and spoke to nearly everyone around me, which, if this had been a few years ago, would not have happened.

Instead of being nervous and anxious on the very first day, I was — surprisingly enough — filled with extreme confidence. I can be anyone now! But, honestly, I’d much rather stay myself.


I thought I knew exactly who I was a couple of years ago, but dear Lord, was I wrong. I’m just now beginning to piece together who I am and what exactly I’m meant to do. The fact that Boston University’s acronym is BU is just the cherry on top, to be honest. There is no better place to be yourself than here.


Like many others, I’m in a new city with new people and new adventures, and I plan to take full advantage of them all. Life, let’s see where you take me.