By Alex del Tufo


Yesterday, it was 65 degrees. Today it’s 85 degrees. And it fluctuates approximately 20 degrees around that during the day. Some days it’s humid, some days it’s chilly. Some day it starts humid and then gets chilly. It’s the lovely season we call not quite fall, not quite summer. Name is a work in progress. But really, it’s just September.


As a September baby, I’ve always been conflicted as whether I should say I’m a “summer baby” or a “fall baby.” Although I’m born on the second day of the month, therefore usually amid the heat waves and pool days, September has never fully felt like a summer month. But as a child of this weird time of the year, I’ve taken it upon myself to become the expert on how to navigate this turbulent time.


Here are my pieces of advice for surviving weather whiplash:

1. Don’t get too attached: As a true pumpkin spice basic white girl myself, I get attached to the idea of fall. The first day the temperature drops below 70 degrees, my heart begins to race and sweaters fling themselves out of my closet on their own accord. I find myself wearing boots too early and switching to hot drinks as quickly as possible. But then, as has happened time and time again, the heat returns. I leave the house and it is as if I’m back in mid-July, sweaty and miserable. It’s important to remind ourselves on that first, wonderful cool day that it is, unfortunately, not here to last. Only until about mid-October can we really trust it.

2. Never put away your fan: I made the drastic mistake of letting a friend borrow my bedroom fan when the first cool wave came around. They were living on the top floor, and my room seemed cool enough. It would be fine. It was, of course, that same day that I awoke in the morning in a pool of sweat without a fan. Never, even in the dead of winter, give away your fan. You never know when the seasons will change overnight or BU will decide to crank the heat.

3. Never put away your bathing suit: If you’re going to have to suffer the heat, you may as well take advantage. You never know when you’re going to get a good, late-September beach day, so don’t pack away those suits just yet.

4. Plan your fall activities for late in the season: There is nothing worse than making plans to apple pick and drink hot cider, and then it’s 75 degrees out. Okay, there are a lot of things way worse, but it sucks. If you can’t wear a sweater and drink a hot drink, why even bother with fall festivities? So try not to plan a group fall event until Halloween or later, you don’t want to risk that.