By Ryan LaRosa

BU students are lucky to have such a wide array of food options either on campus or in walking distance. The Kenmore/Fenway area is a popular spot for restaurants with countless options, but, if variety is what you’re after, Allston can’t be beat. If you’ve recently moved to West Campus or you’re looking to branch out a bit from your usual spots, here are a few ideas to get you started. Even if you live on the other side of BU, everywhere on this list delivers, so just give them a call next time you’re hungry.

  1.   BonChon: Many BU students already frequent BonChon, but if you haven’t made it yet, head there the next time you’re craving fried chicken. BonChon offers a variety of Korean fried chicken options, from wings to strips. They boast about two incredible sauces — one spicy and one sweet. I suggest ordering half-and-half to give them both a try. BonChon is also available for delivery anywhere on the BU campus.
  2.    Punjab Palace: If you’re looking for excellent Indian food, look no further. Perfect for takeout or dinning in, Punjab Palace has an expansive menu of Southeast Asian specialties. My recommendation is, if you have time to dine in, grab a friend and try the $40 feast for two. That will give you a chance to try a curry of your choice, a tandoori mix, samosas and soup all for an extremely fair price. Punjab Palace delivers within a wide radius of the restaurant.
  3.  Dumpling Kingdom: Dumpling Kingdom crafts a vast array of dumplings as well as other Asian dishes. But the dumplings are the real star here, as you can likely tell by the name. I haven’t even come close to trying all the different styles of dumplings they serve. Just pick a few varieties that sound interesting and share with some friends. Dumpling Kingdom is open until 2 a.m. every day and has quick delivery.
  4.   Regina Pizzeria: This location of Regina Pizzeria seems to be often forgotten. They have a larger menu then the original North End location and offer the best bang for your buck of any restaurant in the area. Personally, I think this might be some of the best pizza in Allston. The restaurant has a fun, old-school vibe and makes for a great meeting place for groups. If you don’t feel up for heading to the restaurant, they deliver using Uber Eats for a reasonable fee. Definitely give this a try over Domino’s next time you’re looking for pizza delivery.